Ballad of the Desert

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Series Information

Ballad of the Desert
Ballad of the Desert

Name: Ballad of the Desert
Chinese Name: 大漠谣
Other Names: Da Mo Yao, 大漠奇缘, Romance of the Desert
Year: 2013
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Director: Li Guoli
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi, Eddie Peng, Han Dong, Fala Chen, Crystal Tin, Maggie Cheung
Episode Number: 35
Genre: Historical, Romance
Original Author: Tong Hua


Yu Jin was raised with the people of Xiongnu, although her foster father is a Han. Due to political change within the Xiongnu, she was forced to flee to Chang'an, the then capital of the early Han Dynasty, changing her name to Jin Yu along the way. During her journey, she first meets the calm and kind Meng Xi Mo who is under the alias Meng Jiu, and later the handsome, but cold general Huo Qu Bing. Jin Yu falls for one, but was rejected. Will she untangle her love knot? Who will she choose in the end?


Yu Jin is an orphan, who was raised by wolves in the desert before a Han living with a Xiongnu tribe takes her back to camp. She soon becomes friends with the Xiongnu children, including Yu Chan, Yizhixie, and Mudaduo. One year later, due to political changes, her foster father is killed. His only wish was for her to return to his hometown Chang'an, in the Han Dynasty.

Thus, Yu Dan tried to help her flee the Xiongnu territory, but soon found out that Yi Zhi Xie, the new clan leader, had sent soldiers in hot pursuit of them. To save Yu Jin, Yu Dan persuades her to stay in the wild desert and return to the wolf pack she had grown up with while he keeps going, leading the soldiers on a wild goose chase. Years later, a teenage Yu Jin meets the disabled Meng Jiu (Meng Ximo), who was part of a traveling merchant's caravan, and then saves and meets Huo Qubing (under the alias of Xiao Huo) and his comrades while they were fleeing the desert bandits on the way back to Chang'an. Yu Jin introduced herself as Jin Yu, remembering her foster father's last wish she asked for some traveling money from Huo Qubing as repayment. Huo gives her the money, but then requests that she lead them out of the desert. Jin Yu didn't know then that Xiao Huo was actually the Han general Huo Qu Bing. After leading them out of the desert, she sets off towards Chang'an by herself.

Just outside of Chang'an, she meets some beggars and soon befriends a young one. The young beggar tells her that while he was begging on the streets, he heard that people could find work by offering to wash clothes. With that as her hope, she goes into Chang'an and starts looking for work to feed herself. Everyone refused her offer, until she came across someone who gave her buns in return for her hard labor. Unbeknownst to Jin Yu, this kind Aunt Hong Gu was actually the boss of a brothel, who, attracted by her beauty, wants to use her as a tool to make her brothel more popular. But Jin Yu soon rises to be the head of this brothel due to her cleverness and persistence to improve this brothel's business. She also befriends Hong Gu, who remains one of Jin Yu's best friends. She soon meets Li Yan, a secretive girl who would later rise to be one of Emperor Wu of Han Liu Che's most powerful concubines with the help of Jin Yu.

During all this, she falls in love with Meng Jiu, who had revealed that he was the head of the Shi Manor's family trading business. Yet he rejects Jin Yu again and again, because he didn't want her to live with a disabled person. Although Jin Yu states she doesn't care about his disability, he still rejects her, even if it is against his own feelings. Heartbroken, it was from this time onwards that Jin Yu seriously considered Huo (who had always loved her, despite the fact she didn't reciprocate his love earlier on) as someone who was more than a friend. In the meanwhile, Li Yan had grown powerful and was intent on killing Jin Yu, the only one who knew her secret. Jin Yu relied even more on Huo to protect her, and thus, the first seeds of love appeared between them. When Meng Jiu realized this, he wanted Jin Yu to return to his side, but all was too late.

Throughout the novel, Jin Yu lasts through all sorts of palace scheming and political changes, only wanting to be with her husband forever. Towards the end of the book, they escape the power struggle by feigning death. In the end, Meng Jiu doesn't end up with anyone, and leaves secretly after aiding Jin Yu and Huo in their act to escape.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Jin Yu (Yu Jin) 玉谨/金玉 Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 Yang Menglu 杨梦露
Huo Qubing 霍去病 Eddie Peng 彭于晏 (Unknown)
Meng Jiu (Meng Ximo) 孟西漠/孟九 Hu Ge 胡歌 Hu Ge 胡歌
Li Yan 李妍 Fala Chen 陈法拉 (Unknown)
Li Min 李敢 Han Dong 韩栋 (Unknown)
Hong Gu 红姑 Crystal Tin 田蕊妮 (Unknown)
Weizi Fu 卫子夫 Maggie Cheung 张可颐 (Unknown)
Yi Zhixie 伊稚斜 Qin Hao 秦昊 (Unknown)
Mu Daduo 目达朵 Cai Jiao 蔡姣 (Unknown)
Liu Che 刘彻 Lv Liang 吕梁 (Unknown)
Princess Pingyang 平阳公主 Shi Xiaoqun 石小群 (Unknown)
Li Yannian 李延年 Zhang Xiang 张翔 (Unknown)
Li Guangli 李广利 Qin Yong 秦勇 (Unknown)
Fang Ru 方茹 Xu Sa 徐飒 (Unknown)
Wu Shao'er 卫少儿 Wu Ying 吴映 (Unknown)
Concubine Wei 维姬 Dili Reba 迪丽热巴 (Unknown)
Wei Qing 卫青 Wu Zhuohan 吴卓翰 (Unknown)
Yu Dan 於单 Qiang Yu 强宇 (Unknown)
Xin Yan 心砚 Luo Mi 罗米 (Unknown)
Jin Ridi 金日磾 Ruan Weijing 阮伟旌 (Unknown)
Wei Kang 卫伉 Liu Shuailiang 刘帅良 (Unknown)
Li Guang 李广 Qu Gang 屈刚 (Unknown)
Zhao Ponu 赵破奴 Zhang Shan 张羴 (Unknown)
Uncle Shi 石伯 Deng Limin 邓立民 (Unknown)
Shi Jinyan 石谨言 Wang Chunyan 王春元 (Unknown)
Shi Feng (Lu Feng) 石风/陆风 Li Weiting 李玮珽 (Unknown)
Uncle Chen 陈叔 Han Zhenhua 韩振华 (Unknown)
Ah'die 阿爹 Su Mao 苏茂 (Unknown)
Chen Ankang 陈安康 Zhou Yancheng 周彦呈 (Unknown)
Li Cheng 李诚 Zhao Wenhao 赵文浩 (Unknown)
Gongsun He 公孙贺 Chen Xuming 陈旭明 (Unknown)
Gongsun Ao 公孙敖 Chang Jin 常晋 (Unknown)
Liu Ju 刘据 Liu Chao 刘超 (Unknown)
Aunty Yun 云姨 Zhang Yindi 张引棣 (Unknown)
Shuang Shuang 双双 Wan Ni'en 万妮恩 (Unknown)
Meng Gong 孟公 Wang Zhifei 王志飞 (Unknown)
Master Wu 吴爷 Zhang Lei 张雷 (Unknown)
Baozi 包子 Guan Yuhao 管禹豪 (Unknown)

Production Credits

  • Original Novel: Ballad of the Desert 大漠谣 by Tong Hua 桐华
  • Screenwriter: Wang Lizhi
  • Producer: Karen Tsoi
  • Directors: Li Guoli, Lin Yufen, Guo Hu (Assistant Director)

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