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Series Information

Title Poster

Name: Scarlet Heart
Chinese Name: 步步惊心 (步步驚心)
Other Names: Bu Bu Jing Xin, Startling By Each Step, Treading On Thin Ice
Year: 2011
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Director: Li Guoli
Main Actors: Liu Shi Shi, Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng, Yuan Hong, Lin Gengxin, Han Dong, Annie Liu
Episodes: 35
Broadcast period: 2011-Sep-10 to 2011-Sep-29
Air time: 22:00
Related show: Bu Bu Jing Qing
Genre: Romance, Historical


Zhang Xiao, a 25 year old girl from modern times had just gotten into a fight which leads to a car accident that caused her to go back to the Qing Dynasty. There, she is in the body of Maertai Ruoxi who is the sister of the 8th Prince's wife, Maertai Ruolan. In the Qing Dynasty, she finds that life is hard because love is controlled by only one person and is not decided freely. She becomes entangled into the battle of the Princes for the Throne. Ruoxi has half a year before she enters the Palace for the maiden selections. How will she survive the Qing Dynasty?

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Maertai Ruoxi 马尔泰·若曦 Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 Yang Menglu 杨梦露
Yin Zhen (4th Prince) 胤禛 Nicky Wu 吴奇隆 Shen Lei 沈磊
Yin Si (8th Prince) 胤禩 Kevin Cheng 郑嘉颖 Jia Qiu 贾邱
Yin Xiang (13th Prince) 胤祥 Yuan Hong 袁弘 Sun Ye 孙晔
Yin Ti (14th Prince) 胤祯 Lin Gengxin 林更新 Su Junjie 苏俊杰
Yin Tang (9th Prince) 胤禟 Han Dong 韩栋 Zhao Lu 赵路
Yin'e (10th Prince) 胤礻我 Ye Zuxin 叶祖新 Huang Chen 黄晨
Yin Reng (Crown Prince) 胤礽 Zhang Lei 张雷 Lv Liang 吕梁
Yin Zhi (3rd Prince) 胤祉 Chen Jingyu 陈镜宇 (Unknown)
Yin Qi (5th Prince) 胤祺 Wang Xiaodong 王小东 (Unknown)
Kangxi Emperor 玄烨 Damian Lau 刘松仁 Wang Wei 王玮
Maertai Ruolan 马尔泰·若兰 Annie Liu 刘心悠 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Yutan 玉檀 Ye Qing 叶青 Gong Xiao 龚晓
Gorolo Minghui 郭络罗·明慧 Shi Xiaoqun 石小群 Xiecheng Ying 谢承颖
Gorolo Mingyu 郭络罗·明玉 Liu Yuxin 刘雨欣 Wu Jingwei 吴静为
Luwu 绿芜 Guo Zhenni 郭珍霓 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Huang Di 黄棣 Ma Tianyu 马天宇 (Unknown)
Suwan Guwalgiya Min Min 苏完瓜尔佳·敏敏 Cristy Guo 郭晓婷 Chen Yiwen 陈奕雯
Wang Xi 王喜 Zhouyan Cheng 周彦呈 (Unknown)
Li Dequan 李德全 Deng Limin 邓立民 Fu Chong 符冲
Concubine De 德妃 Dai Chunrong 戴春荣 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Concubine Liang 良妃 Liu Jie 刘洁 Li Minyan 李敏妍
Lady Ulanara 乌喇那拉氏 Mu Tingting 穆婷婷 Li Minyan 李敏妍
Qiao Hui 巧慧 Caoxin Yue 曹馨月 Fu Yawen 付雅雯
Li Fu 李福 Qi Qinglin 齐庆林 (Unknown)
Cheng Huan 爱新觉罗·承欢 Chai Wei 柴蔚 Li Minyan 李敏妍
Prince Suwan Guwalgiya 苏完瓜尔佳王爷 Ba Sen 巴森 Liu Bin 刘彬
Gao Wuyong 高无庸 Hu Chaoge 胡朝戈 (Unknown)
Yun Xiang 芸香 Kang Mingtong 康铭桐 (Unknown)
Irgen Gioro Zuo Ying 伊尔根觉罗·佐鹰 Zheng Kai 郑凯 Fu Chong 符冲
Nian Gengyao 年羹尧 Xing Hanqing 邢瀚卿 (Unknown)
Long Keduo 隆科多 Zhao Jialin 赵家林 (Unknown)
Concubine Nian 年妃 Lumei Fang 陆梅芳 (Unknown)
Zhang Qianying 张千英 Shen Baoping 沈保平 (Unknown)
Yan Ping 艳萍 Huo Dongdong 霍冬冬 (Unknown)
Li Guangdi 李光地 Gao Sen 高森 (Unknown)
Mei Xiang 梅香 Ji Xue 纪雪 (Unknown)
Ju Yun 菊韵 Guo Jinying 郭金莹 (Unknown)
Hong Shi 爱新觉罗·弘时 Qu Aohui 瞿澳晖 (Unknown)
Xiao Shun Zi 小顺子 Cao Yang 曹阳 (Unknown)
Physician He 何太医 Ren Xuehai 任学海 (Unknown)
Fu Chashi 富察氏 Li Linlin 李林琳 (Unknown)
Chang Qingshan 常青山 Wang Xiaodong 王小东 (Unknown)

Production Credits

Main Songs

Opening theme song: Hu Ge & Alan - One Persistent Thought 一念執著
Ending theme song: Yan Yidan - Three Inches of Heaven 三寸天堂
Insert songs: See Bu Bu Jing Xin OST

Differences from the Novel

The show's producers have announced that the series will remain mostly faithful to Bubu Jingxin, the novel by Tong Hua on which it is based, however there are some differences:

  • In the novel's beginning, though in the television series Zhang Xiao remains a 25 years old white-collar worker, her alter ego, Maertai Ruoxi, was 13 years old, not 16. Another difference was that Zhang supposedly from the year 2005, not 2011.
  • In the novel, Ruoxi is unable to return to her own time and ultimately succumbs to her illness, while Yinzhen dies ten years later amid hopes of reuniting with Ruoxi after death. The story ends with Yinzhen's son Hongli's (whom he fathered with Lady Niohuru) ascension to the throne as the Qianlong Emperor. In the television series, after Ruoxi and Yinzhen's deaths, Ruoxi's soul returns to her incarnation in the 21st century. Whilst struggling to get over the trauma of her experiences of time traveling, she encounters a man who resembles Yinzhen and is possibly a present day incarnation of him. The man does not recognize her, and Zhang Xiao remains in guilt over everything that happened when she was in the past as Maertai Ruoxi, choose not say anything but tearfully watches the man leaves.

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