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Profile and Information

David Chiang

Chinese name: Geung Dai Wai / Jiang Da Wei / 姜大衛
English name: David Chiang / John Chiang
Further aliases: John Keung, John Chiang, Keung Tai-Wai, Yan Wei, John Chang, John Kiang, David Keung, David Chang, Chiang Ta-Wei, Yen Wei, John Chiang Wei-Nien, Yim Wai
Real name: 姜偉年 / Geung Wai Nien (Jiang Wei Nian)
Profession: Actor, director and martial arts instructor
Birthdate: 1947-Jun-29
Birthplace: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Height: 175cm
Weight: 80kg
Star sign: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Pig
Blood type: O
Family: Older brother/actor Paul Chun, half-brother/director Derek Yee (爾冬陞), wife/actress Lee Lum Lum (李琳琳), two daughters, and one son (John John)


David Chiang was born as Chiang Wei-Nien into a thespian family. He had an early start in showbiz. When he was a teenager, her appeared in films like "Street Boys" and Li Han-Hsiang's "The Kingdom And The Beauty." He officially started his martial arts career in 1966 when he was hired by wuxia master Chang Cheh as a stuntman for "Golden Swallow". His wiry ability quickly earned him the nickname "the Elastic Double".

The turning point of his career came in 1967 when Chang requested Chiang take up a speaking role in "The One-Armed Swordsman". Although the role was small, it gave the young Chiang a chance to show both his acting and his fighting prowess. This had marked the start of a relationship with Chang that spanned decades.

With Chang's support, Chiang finally made the jump from a unknown stuntman to a true star in his own right with the box office hit "Wandering Swordsman" in 1970. His next film "Vengeance" won him his first Best Actor Award at the Asian Film Festival.

Chiang eventually directed his own productions, and has taken part in TV series and other films in the more recent years. (From the Celestial DVD edition of "Shaolin Temple").

Trivia: David Chiang currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and is married to Maggie Lee Lam-Lam. He has two daughters and a son.
Hongkong Movie Database


Ancient Chinese Series


As Actor

  • Look for a Star (2009) ... Milan's uncle
  • Once Upon a Time in China II (1992) ... Luke Ho-Dung
  • The Twin Dragons (1992) ... Sgt Chiang / Hotel security
  • Double Fattiness (1988) ... Hell gate keeper
  • Night of the Assassins (1981) ... Kwan Chu
  • Heaven and Hell (1980) ... Zhou Bao, Liang Xiao Palace
  • Shaolin Mantis (1978) ... Wai Fung
  • The Naval Commandos (1977) ... Song San
  • One Armed Swordsmen (1976) ... Li Hao
  • All Men Are Brothers (1975) ... Yan Qing
  • The Imposter (1975) ... Ge Liang
  • The Generation Gap (1973)
  • Angry Guest (1972) ... Fan Ke
  • The Water Margin (1972) ... The Prodigy, Yen Ching/Yen XiaoYi
  • Young People (1972) ... Hung Wai
  • The New One-Armed Swordsman (1971) ... Lei Li
  • The Wandering Swordsman (1970) ... Wandering Swordsman
  • The Heroic Ones (1970) ... 13th General Li Tsun Hsiao
  • Vengeance! (1970) ... Guan Xiao Lou
  • The Flying Dagger (1969) ... Uncle's man
  • Have Sword, Will Travel (1969) ... Lo Yi
  • The Silver Fox (1968) ... Jun Wai Bureau member

As Director

  • Mother of a Different Kind (1995)
  • Will of Iron (1991)
  • My Dear Son (1989)
  • Whirlwind Kick (1977)
  • One Armed Swordsmen (1976)
  • A Mad World of Fools (1974)
  • The Drug Addict (1974)

This is just a small selection. He was an Actor in over 133 Movies and Director for 15 movies and also a Producer
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Awards and Recognitions

  • He has a star in The Avenue of Stars
  • Golden Horse Award for Best Actor for his role in Blood Brothers. (18th Asian Film Festival)

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