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Series Information

Seven of the Sky
Seven of the Sky

Name: Seven of the Sky
Chinese Name: 天外飞仙 (天外飛仙)
Other Names: Fairy from Wonderland, The Little Fairy, Tian Wai Fei Xian
Year: 2006
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Director: Li Guoli
Screenwriter: Deng Zishan
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Ariel Lin, Bobby Dou, Cecilia Han, Lv Yi, TAE, Florence Tan
Release Date: 2009-06-28
Episode Number: 38 in the uncut version, 30 in the Singaporean cut version
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Film Locations: Hengdian World Studios - Dream Valley, Xinchang, Zhejiang Province
Name Change: Seven of the Sky is a fanmade title for the series because the original title was seen to be very misleading.



Xiaoqi is the youngest and most mischievous daughter of the Jade Emperor. In order to help her Second Sister who was trapped in the Garden of Solitude because she fell in love with a mortal 50 years ago, the only way to save her was if she admitted she longer loved him. That's when Xiaoqi got the idea of finding her lover and make him write on paper and pen that he did not love her. That way, her Second Sister would give up all hope. This journey brought her together with the kindhearted Dong Yong, nicknamed Digua. Digua and Xiaoqi was instantly drawn to each other and really got along well. Digua was so sweet, and Xiaoqi was so playful. They had something in common, and that was they both wanted to help others. It turned out that Second Sister's lover was Master Lao, Digua's teacher.

Before long, Jade Emperor found out about Xiaoqi descending to the mortal world. Though her actions helped her sister greatly, the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother felt she was too mischievous and needed to be taught a lesson. The best person to do that would be Dong Yong, because he was very filial and was a good role model. However, to ensure Xiaoqi didn't fall in love with him, they removed her love roots, which made her unable to love at all. At the same time, she was transformed into a rascal boy called Long Guangbiao. She would be removed of all powers until she did good deeds, which would earn her powers back eventually.

Xiaoqi met Digua the second time and though she had no memories of meeting him earlier and they started off like brothers, their time together eventually exposed Xiaoqi as a girl and slowly lead her to realise that her love roots had grown back, because she had a seed that could not be destroyed, and that was her heart. Xiaoqi and Digua's love become so powerful that it transcended Heaven and Earth, and soon, they battled the most powerful force against them, and that was fairies and mortals were not allowed to be in love. With determination and perseverance, their spirit of love and never giving up touched even the Heaven, and forced them to rethink their entire set of rules.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Dong Yong 董永 Hu Ge 胡歌 Hu Ge 胡歌
Xiaoqi 小七 Ariel Lin 林依晨 Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Shangguan Haoqi 上官浩淇 Bobby Dou 窦智孔 Jin Feng 金锋
Xiang Xuehai 香雪海 Cecilia Han 韩雪 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Li Saijin 李赛金 Lv Yi 吕一 Li Ye 李晔
Fu Yuanbao 傅元宝 TAE Shen Lei 沈磊
Cuiniang 翠娘 Florence Tan 陈秀丽 (Unknown)
Master Lao 劳夫子 Tse Kwan Ho 谢君豪 Zhao Ming 赵铭
Second Fairy 二仙女 Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽 (Unknown)
Ma Nana 马娜娜 Michelle Saram 郑雪儿 (Unknown)
Queen Mother 王母 Wu Qian Qian 邬倩倩 (Unknown)
Jade Emperor 玉帝 Elvis Tsui 徐锦江 Wang Wei 王玮
Dong Qianfa 董千发 Yue Yaoli 岳跃利 Li Chuanying李传缨
Dong Wenpin 董文聘 Li Qin Qin 李勤勤 (Unknown)
Fu Shan 傅善 Zhao Liang 赵亮 Zhang Xin 张欣
Xinba 辛巴 Mou Fengbing 牟凤彬 (Unknown)
Li Yong 李勇 Zhou Dehua 周德华 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Xiaoba 小芭 Xiang Wan 项婉 (Unknown)
Erlang Deity 二郎神 Zhao Yi 赵毅 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
God of Wealth 財神 Zhang Bojun 张柏俊 (Unknown)
Linan Yiba 临安一霸 Han Zhi 韩志 (Unknown)

The Name change

Because Fairy from Wonderland was a misleading title that may potentially be a disadvantage to promoting the series, it was fan renamed as Seven of the Sky. The main reasons being that fairy represented something completely different in the west compared to the east and viewers may associate Wonderland with Alice in Wonderland too much whereas Seven of the Sky was nowhere like the movie. The Seven in Seven of the Sky represented Xiaoqi, which means Little Seventh. This title is also closer to the original, which is supposed to be: Goddess flying outside the Sky.

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