Fairy of the Chalice

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Series Information

Fairy of the Chalice
Fairy of the Chalice

Name: Fairy of the Chalice
Chinese Name: 夜光神杯
Other Names: Ye Guang Shen Bei
Year: 2005
Country: Mainland China
Director: Huang Quan, Wen Wei
Main Actors: Roger Kwok, Zhang Ting, Liu Tao, Zhao Zicun, Christopher Lee
Release Date: 2005-01-24
Episode Number: 30
Genre: Fantasy, Romance


Goddess Nuwa imprisons an evil centipede demon within a chalice and instructs the young fairy of the chalice to guard it. However, her carelessness caused the Centipede Demon to find his way to his escape by tricking the Chalice Fairy. This enraged Goddess Nuwa and therefore, she sent Chalice Fairy to the mortal world to serve a thousand masters and each grant them three of their wishes. Only then can she be freed from the chalice. She's in the possession of many masters until finally reaching the hands of Zheng Feng's father, who keeps the Chalice Fairy for nine years. At the same time, Zheng Feng's ex-servant, Cao Jing became the villain of the story over his jealousy that Zheng Feng took the woman he loved. Meanwhile, Zheng Feng's wife one day gets swallowed into a tornado and disappears, which leaves Baobao, their daughter devastated. Chalice Fairy at first was only interested in getting the three wishes, but eventually learns the emotions in the mortal world, such as love, pain, happiness and grief. Later, his other faithful servant, Qi Cheng (70%) became involved in the battle between Hunter's Tribe and Land of Sacred Woman. When Chalice Fairy tries to help, she instead made the situation worse because she

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Chalice Fairy 杯仙 Zhang Ting 张庭 Li Ye 李晔
Zheng Feng 郑丰 Roger Kwok 郭晋安 Shen Lei 沈磊
Cheng Xiu Xiu 程秀秀 Liu Tao 刘涛 (Unknown)
Cao Jing 曹敬 Christopher Lee 李铭顺 (Unknown)
Tie Mu 铁木 Chen Long 陈龙 (Unknown)
Earth God 土地公 Yue Yaoli 岳跃利 Yuan Guoqing 袁国庆
Ziyun 紫云 Yvonne Lim 林湘萍 (Unknown)
Qi Cheng 七成 Darren Lim 林明伦 (Unknown)
Ling Zhi 灵芝 Joelle Lu 陆明君 (Unknown)
Baobao 宝宝 Zhao Zicun 赵梓存 (Unknown)
Yan Hong 艳红 Cui Bo 崔波 (Unknown)
Ya Jiang 雅姜 He Sirong 何思融 (Unknown)
Goddess Nuwa 女娲 Liu Jie 刘洁 (Unknown)
Centipede Demon 蜈蚣精 Wang Yanbin 王艳宾 (Unknown)

Production Credits

  • Creators: Lu Wen, Xu Huayi
  • Producer: Shi Zhong, Chen Yongquan
  • Directors: Huang Quan, Wen Wei
  • Screenwriter: Zong Xin

Main Songs

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