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Profile and Information

Fan Churong
Fan Churong

Name: Fan Churong
Chinese Name: 范楚绒
Former Name: Fan Leiying
Residence: Shanghai, China
Email Address:
Date of Birth: 1980-06-02
Occupation: Voice Actress
University: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


Fan Churong, former name Fan Leiying is a voice actress who lives in Shanghai. Her most brilliant feature is that she is able to adjust her voice and tone for different characters. She was once an actress in the China Welfare Institute Children's Art Theatre.

Voiceover Roles

Ancient Chinese Series


  • Qin's Moon The Great Wall 秦时明月之万里长城 as Da Siming (2012)
  • Qin's Moon Hundred Schools of Thought 秦时明月之诸子百家 as Da Siming (2010)

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