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Series Information

Title Cover

Name: Genghis Khan
Chinese Name: 成吉思汗
Other Names: Cheng Ji Si Han
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: CCTV
Broadcast period: 2004
Similar Series: The Great Revival, The Young Warriors

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor
Tie Muzhen/Genghis Khan铁木真 Ba Sen 巴森
Zhamu He 札木合 Zhao Hengxuan 赵恒煊
Ye Sugai 也速该 Ba Sen 巴森
Saren Gao Wa 萨仁高娃 He E Lun 诃额仑
Ye Sui 也遂 Zheng Shuang 郑爽
Hulan 忽兰 Chen Sicheng 陈思成
Bei Er'tie 孛儿帖 Suo Lizhong 索利忠
Guo Baoyu 郭宝玉 Liu Kui 刘魁
Cha Getai 察合台 Jiang Tao 姜涛
Yesu Gan 也速干 Nuoming Saihan 诺明赛罕
Wo Kuotai 窝阔台 Hu He 呼和
Heda An 合达安 Dawa Dolma 达娃卓玛

Production Credits


  • This drama was also shown on KBS1 (South Korea) from 2005-Sep-10 to 2005-Dec-18 between 2 other historical dramas, The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin and Seoul 1945.

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