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Profile and Information

Name: Guan Yu
Alternative Names: Guan Gong, Yunchang (Style Name), Marquis Zhuangmou (Posthumous), Guan Er Ye, Guan Di
Fictive: No
Appearance: Records of the three Kingdoms, Romance of the three Kingdoms
Related Authors: Chen Shou, Luo Guanzhong
Family: Lady Guan (Spouse), Guan Ping (Son), Guan Xing (Son), Guan Suo (Fictive Son)
Era: Han, Three Kingdoms
Birthplace: Xie (解), Hedong (Corresponding with todays Yuncheng, Shanxi)


The legendary oath-brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. See more here

In Television



  • My Name is Bruce (2007) played by James Peck (As a revengeful spirit/monster)
  • Red Cliff (2008) played by Ba Sen
  • Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008) played by Ti Lung
  • The Lost Bladesman (2011) played by Donnie Yen

Skills and Weapons

  • Weapons: A Guan Dao called "Green Dragon Crescent Blade"


  • Guan Yu is not only a historical but also a legendary character. In most cases he is portrayed as huge warrior with a long beard.

(With the height of "nine chi" and a "two chi" long beard - Novel - Chapter one)

  • Also his face is in most cases red.


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