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[edit] How to create a new page

If you want to create a new page, just type the title of the page into the search box and click on the red text to create your page.

[edit] Creating a redirect

Because a lot of series have both english and chinese names a redirect is sometimes helpful. Just type in:

#REDIRECT [[name of the target page]]

on the empty page.

[edit] Categories

If you want some page to belong to a certain category (For example: "Actors"), just type in:

[[Category: Actors]] 

[edit] How to make a profile picture

To make a profile picture on the right side just type in

 [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Example Name]] 

Of course a corresponding picture needs to be uploaded.

[edit] Text Formatting and Tags

''Italicize text'' can be created by adding two apostrophes.
3 apostrophes will '''embolden the text'''. 
5 apostrophes will embolden and italicize '''''the text'''''
You can break lines by using <br/>
* Unordered lists are done by using the star sign
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