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Profile and Information

Name: Huang Rong 黄蓉
Alternative Names: Rong'er (蓉兒)
Fictive: Yes
Original Author: Jin Yong
Appearance: Condor Heroes (Both)
Family: Guo Jing (Husband), Huang Yaoshi (Father), Feng Heng (Mother), Guo Fu, Guo Xiang, Guo Polu
Era: Song Dynasty
Birthplace: Peach Blossom Island
Organisations: Beggar Clang
Students: Yang Guo, Yelü Qi, Wu Dunru, Wu Xiuwen

In Television



  • The Brave Archer (1977) played by Tanny Tien
  • The Brave Archer II (1978) played by Niu Niu
  • The Brave Archer II (1981) played by Niu Niu
  • The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993)

Skills and Weapons

Martial Arts

  • Nine Yin Manual skills
  • Peach Flower Fallen Hero Palm (桃花落英掌), known in later editions as "Falling Flower Divine Sword Palm" (落英神剑掌).
  • Divine Flicking Finger (弹指神通)
  • Jade Flute Swordplay (玉箫剑法)
  • Carefree Fist (逍遙遊)
  • Rain of Petals (滿天花雨
  • Dog Beating Staff Technique (打狗棒法)


  • Dog Beating Staff
  • Yellow Staff (A substitute for the dog beating staff)


  • Like her father she is well versed in geography, medicine, strategy, mathematics, music, literature etc.
  • She is also versed in the art of laying formations, such as the Eight Trigrams Formation, to counter enemies' advances. She uses her powers to make huge rocks and boulders form an array and maze to confuse enemies and force them to retreat.
  • Extraordinary cooking skills


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