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Profile and Information

Name: Huang Yaoshi 黄药师
Alternative Names: Eastern Heretic (東邪), Old Evil Huang (黃老邪)
Fictive: Yes
Original Author: Jin Yong
Appearance: Condor Heroes (Both)
Family: Feng Heng (Spouse), Huang Rong (Child)
Era: Song Dynasty
Birthplace: Yunnan province
Organisations: Peach Blossom Island
Students: Qu Lingfeng, Chen Xuanfeng, Mei Chaofeng, Lu Chengfeng, Wu Mianfeng, Feng Mofeng


Huang is one of the Five Greats of the wulin (martial artists' community) during the Song Dynasty, alongside Wang Chongyang, Hong Qigong, Ouyang Feng and Duan Zhixing. He is nicknamed "Eastern Heretic" (東邪) for being an unorthodox radical who behaves as he wishes without showing any regard for formalities or moral ethics.

In Television



Skills and Weapons

  • Qinggong: Holy Turtle Steps
  • Neigong: Nine Yin Manual skills
  • Unarmed: Jade Waves Palm, Complex Five Turns, Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm, Air Slicing Palm, Finger Flicking Skill
  • Armed: Jade Flute Swordplay, Jade Leaking Silver Pushing Sword, Three Fork and Three Palm Styles
  • Weapons: Bone Penetrating Needle, Jade Flute
  • Song of the Sea and Waves (碧海潮生曲): A Xiao Piece which can put a person in trance. (It is used for Zhou Botong to make him copy the Nine Yin Manual)
  • Other: Besides various martial arts Huang Yaoshi is also well versed in literature, mathematics, divination, medicine, and other arts


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