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Profile and Information

Jimmy Lin

Name: Lin Zhiying
Chinese Name: 林志穎 (林志颖)
English Name: Jimmy Lin
Former Name: Lin Chi Ying
Nicknames: Xiao Zhi, Xiao Xuanfeng (Little Tornado), Lin Dong, Lin sir
Birthdate: October 15 1974
Hobbies: Photography, internet, games, fitness, comics, KTV, music, animation and racing
Height: 172cm
Weight: 58kg
Profession: Actor, singer, and professional race car driver
Family: One older brother, two younger brothers, younger sister, wife/model Kelly Chen, son "Xiao Xiao Zhi"


Ancient Chinese Series


  • Shadow Mask 武神黑俠 as Director (2001)
  • Chivalrous Legend 侠盗正传 (1998)
  • Heavenly Legend 天庭外传 as Hou Tao Tao (1998)
  • Shaolin Popeye 笑林小子 (1993)
  • Flying Dagger 神经刀与飞天猫 as Han Lin (1992)
  • Butterfly and Sword 新流星蝴蝶剑 as Jia Huangye (1992)



2012 CETV Asia Top 10

2012 All-Around Artist Award

2011 Most Charismatic TV Actor Award

2011 The Best Actor of Inspiring Idols 2011

2008 Taiwan Hwa Gang School of Performing Arts Most Successful Alumnus

2006 Top Ten Golden Song "Show Me Your License" and The Most Versatile Entertainer from The 4th Chinese Music Awards 2006 @ Fuzhou

2003 International Outstanding Youth Award

1999 Most Talented Male Artiste

1996 Top Ten Idols Award

1994 Best Album Award

1993 Metro Radio Top Ten Handsome People Award

1993 FM Select Bronze Award

1993 HK Top Ten Children Gold Song "Wild Chrysanthemum"

1993 HK Hottest Mandarin Singer Gold Award

1993 HK Most Popular New Artiste Gold Solid Award

1993 HK Top Ten Chinese Songs With The Brightest Future New Artiste Award

1993 HK-CR Gold Award

1993 HK Spreading Mandarin Award

1993 HK Jade Solid Gold First Place Song

1992 Taiwan Top Ten Idols Award

1992 Taiwanese Superstar New Artist Award

1992 Taiwan's Most Brightest Future New Artiste Award

1992 HK Hottest Mandarin Award

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