Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Mermaid Beauty

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Series Information

Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Mermaid Beauty
The Mermaid Beauty

Name: Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Mermaid Beauty
Chinese Name: 天地传说之鱼美人
Other Names: Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Beauty Mermaid, Tian Di Chuan Shuo Zhi Yu Mei Ren
Year: 2000
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Wei Hantao etc
Main Actors: Yuki Hsu, Sun Li, Roger Kwok, Zhang Zhiyao, He Jiawen, Bryan Leung, Kevin Cheng
Similar Series: Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Lotus Lantern
Episode Number: 20
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Mythology
Name Change: The original name was "The Beauty Mermaid", but because it makes no grammatical sense, it has been switched.


The Mermaid Beauty is the story of the carp spirit who has finally taken form of a human after 500 years of cultivation. Mudan, her good friend who often fed her while Xiao Lian was still a carp got bethrothed to Zhang Ziyou, a poor scholar. However Mudan's parents, particularly the father was set on marrying Mudan to the great General's son, Jiang Yunfei for status purposes. However, Mudan and Ziyou were mutually attracted and because Yunfei was seen as evil and scheming, Xiao Lian, the carp spirit was set on helping Mudan and Ziyou be together.

Often, Xiao Lian would secretly lead them to meet but in the end, was discovered by Yunfei. Together, his father, the General and Yunfei plotted to wreck Ziyou's life by framing him in attempting to violate Mudan. Ziyou got locked away in jail and Mudan was overwhelmed with grief. The carp spirit was enraged with this act of injustice, so helps in every she could, including getting Yunfei to confess the truth. Soon, Mudan got ill after discovering the truth and feel helpless that she caused Ziyou's death. Mudan's health continues to deterrioate and the Xiao Lian's final plan was to steal the bride on the day of the wedding and bring them into the mountains so they could be together. Unfortunately, fate wasn't their side and Mudan never made it.

This began the story of Xiao Lian pretending to be Mudan and ultimately, her carefree spirit, playfulness and happy nature made their days in the mountain so very fun and memorable. Xiao Lian also teaches Ziyou many things, such as how to simply enjoy life and disregard all those confinements that only ties a person up. However, happiness doesn't last long because Ziyou soon found out the truth about Mudan and accuses Xiao Lian for killing her, as he viewed spirits like her to be demonic.

In the mean time, Zhang Tianshi, the Taoist was set on killing all kinds of demons, including the carp spirit. He was hunting for the Yuanping Pearl, which was with Xiao Lian's mother The question is, would Ziyou eventually accept Xiao Lian for who she really is?

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Xiao Lian 小莲 Yuki Hsu 徐怀钰 Liu Xiaoyun 刘小芸
Zhang Ziyou 张子游 Roger Kwok 郭晋安 Song Kejun 宋克军
Tang Bengang 堂本刚 Zhang Zhiyao 张智尧 He Zhiwei 何志威
Jin Mudan 金牡丹 Sun Li 孙莉 Liu Xiaoyun 刘小芸
Xiao Man 小蛮 He Jiawen 何嘉文 Liu Xiangjun 刘香君
Zhang Tianshi 张天师 Bryan Leung 梁家仁 Li Xiangsheng 李香生
Chunhua 春花 Ge Lei 葛蕾 Lv Peiyu 吕佩玉
Jiang Yunfei 江云飞 Kevin Cheng 郑嘉颖 Wu Wenmin 吴文民
Ming Zhu 明珠 Yang Mingna 杨明娜 Qiumei Jun 丘梅君
Jin Chong 金宠 Yang Heping 杨和平 Yuan Guanglin 袁光麟
Madame Jin 金夫人 Wang Xiaohong 王小红 Qiumei Jun 丘梅君

Production Credits

  • Creators: Li Jianneng, Chen Xizhen, Zhou Jinlong, Ma Zhongjun
  • Producer: Li Guoli
  • Directors: Wei Hantao, Zheng Jicheng, Huang Waiming (main) Chen Jiming; Hou Yueqiui (secondary)

Main Songs

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