Legend of the Ancient Sword

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Game Information

Legend of the Ancient Sword
Legend of the Ancient Sword

Name: Legend of the Ancient Sword
Chinese Name: 古剑奇谭
Other Names: The Ancient Swords Saga, Gu Jian Qi Tan, Gujian
Production Companies: Shanghai Aurogon (developer), Gamebar (publisher)
Designer & Writer: Shao Yun 邵芸
Artist: Zheng Wen 郑雯
Composers: Lo Chi-Yi 骆集益, Zhou Zhihua 周志华
Similar Games: Legend of the Swordsman and Fairy, Xuan Yuan Sword

Legend of the Ancient Sword is a 3D fantasy Wuxia RPG game developed by Shanghai Aurogon and published by Gamebar. The first installment was originally released on July 10th, 2010 in Mainland China for Microsoft Windows.

This was recognized as the first Chinese video game with full voice tracks dubbed for the main characters. Shanghai Aurogon released seven pieces of downloadable content since August 10th, 2011. Lots of traditional Chinese cultural elements were added, such as food, clothing, myths and legends, constructions and philosophies such as Taoism. An example would be that the main characters' names were all derived from Ancient Chinese alcoholic beverages. The design of the monsters and demons were very much inspired by Chinese mythology, while cities and mazes were based on photos and historical records. Chinese cuisine was also displayed often in the game.

Many elements from RPG games are used in this game, such as home system, cooking system and quick time event. Gamebryo Engine was used in the development of this game, and many cut scenes are visually beautiful and exciting. However, some players noticed that there was a lag in the gameplay.

Legend of the Ancient Sword 1

Chinese Name: 古剑奇谭:琴心剑魄今何在
English: The tale of Ancient Swords: The Story of a Guqin and an Ancient Sword


A story set in Ancient China, the young protagonist is a hero called Baili Tusu 百里屠苏. When he was just a little boy, the tragic event happened when his home village was ravaged by an unknown group, who massacred all the villagers, including Baili Tusu's mother. He was the only person to survive from the incident. Since then, he lost some of his memories and occasionally suffered from pains. Out of pure luck, he met Ziyin, a Celestial Being who saved him and brought him to Tianyong City Sect. He became Ziyin's second disciple and learned many fight fighting techniques from him. He grew into a sulky young man who had troubles expressing his feelings to other people.

One day, because of a terrible reason, he had to leave Tianyong and head into the common world. Baili Tusu meets Ouyang Shaogong 欧阳少恭 during the rescue of some young men kidnapped by bandits. He was a couth young man who showed him a mysterious medicine which had the power to revive the dead. Ouyang also explained there being an article called Special Jade, which was able to seize, then absorb human souls. However, this evil article is now broken into pieces, with those fragments used for horrible things. He asks if Baili could help him assemble all the fragments so they will not be used to harm people. Afterwards, he would finish the medicine to revive the dead.

With the strong will to resurrect his mother, Baili agrees to help Ouyang with the assembling of the fragments. On the trip, Baili meets Feng Qingxue 风晴雪, an interesting yet charming girl who was seeking her brother, Fang Lansheng 方兰生, a talkative young student yearning for adventures, Xiang Ling 襄铃, a wonderful elf-girl who fell in love with Baili at first sight, Hong Yu 红玉, a beautiful, elegant lady in a red dress and finally, Yin Qianshang 尹千觞, a floppy guy who's constantly drunk.

Eventually, the secret between Bali and Ouyang that involved the ancient Gods and the Seven Powerful Cursed Swords, is gradually revealed.


Character Voice Actor Description
Baili Tusu
Chen Guang

The game's protagonist. A 17-year-old boy who's the student of Ziyin, is believed to be the genius of sword combating. He seldom talks or smiles, so it looks like he is a little cold. But he used to be a bright, cheerful boy at the age of 8. The loss of his mother and villager people has been haunting him for years. Baili believes he has to practise his sword-combating in order to protect the ones he cared. For an unknown reason, he suffers from mysterious pain since the slaughter. He is not good at expressing his feelings to others. He keeps an eagle as his pet called A Xiang. When he begins to dream of a man playing Guqin on a mountain, something hidden in the past gradually wakes up.

Feng Qingxue
Shen Qiuxiang
She is a kind, outgoing, innocent maid of 17 who always has a sweet smile. She is on her way for her lost brother when she meets Baili Tusu. It seems that she has a mysterious power to cure Baili's pain and a complicated relationship with Goddess Nüwa. She is not a good cook and has the hobby of collecting insects.
Ouyang Shaogong
Peng Yao
25, he is originally from Ouyang's family in Qinchuan and childhood friend of Fang Lansheng. He has studied medicine at Qingyuntan sect since his childhood and it proves that he is the genius on that. He appears to be a well-educated doctor with elegant temperament. But no one know the true face under his smile.
Fang Lansheng
Hui Long
18, he is the sixth son of the Fang‘s family after five sisters, and is studying at Qinchuan school. With his father turned out to be a monk, his second-eldest sister has to manage the family. He always feels like a bird in the cage, and is dreaming for the unusual things outside world everyday. Like his father, he is a Buddhist and is kind-hearted. He is talkative and curious about the world outside. He takes off with Baili just to elude his scaring bride. He falls in love with Xiang Ling at first sight, but who knows whether his efforts to win her love would be in vain.
Hong Yu
Xu Xiaoqing
Looking only about 25, she seems to have much more knowledge and experience than a lady of her age. No one knows where she really comes from. She is a beautiful and elegant lady dressed in red. She is easy get going and always cares for others.
Xiang Ling
Yan Mengmeng
16, she is a half-fox, half-human girl. Her parents departed when she was born, and she was adopted and raised up by a Banyan Tree-Spirit called "Grandfather Banyan". She was captured and held in bandit's jail when Baili appeared and saved her. From that time on, she falls in love with Baili and decides to follow and help him wherever he goes.
Yin Qianshang
Lu Kui
27, a muscular, sloppy guy who fights with a broadsword. Gambling and drinking are his favorite activities--especially drinking. He is the master on liquors. But don't just consider him as a drunkard. It seems that more stories are hidden in his heart than originally thought. Feng Qingxue says that he looks very much like her elder brother who disappeared a long time ago.


As the game progresses, players have control of the main characters and travel around Ancient China to complete missions. There's a main storyline in the game, as well as many sidequests that can be started at the chivalrous list. The NPC will reward players with a letter for those who complete sidequests, which contain interesting information about the Non-player Characters, as well as skills information.


It's mostly a converted turn-based RPG. Characters are taken to a separate combat screen during any engagements in combat. During battles, characters and enemies stand in two rows face to face at most. Head portraits of both sides are placed on a bar at the top of the screen, and every action will consume an amount of APs from 1-5.


Legend of the Ancient Sword, much like many other Chinese RPGs, is well known for its moving story plot. The theme is described by Shanghai Aurogon as Reincarnation. The game is set in alternate history of Ancient China, and the genres is mainly Wuxia combined with fantasy. The story begins with an incident which occured thousands of years ago. It involved the lost soul of an immortal and Seven Ancient Cursed Powerful Swords, which were all sealed by the Goddess Nuwa.

Cooking system

Players are able to collect diet materials from demons and buy diet recipes from the shop keepers in town. With the combination of materials and instructions on the recipes, players are able to cook up the dishes they want. These foods can be used to recover health points, and even used as attacking items.

Downloadable content

Shanghai Aurogon released 7 pieces of downloadable contents from August 11th, 2011. Besides new subquests, clothing costumes and equips weapons, more backstory of the main characters are revealed, as well as stories of the past and future. This included the real ending of the hero and heroine a long time after the story.


Voice acting

There's a huge amount of voice acting in Legend of the Ancient Sword, and even considered to be the first video game in China with fully voiced main characters. The dubbing group which participated in voice acting was caleld Jingcheng zhi sheng 京诚之声.


Legend of the Ancient Sword music score was composed by Lo chi-Yi 骆集益 and Zhou Zhihua 周志华 —— Both involved in Musit Music Studio. The full original soundtrac CD was released on March 18th, 2011. It includes 101 tracks.

A fan song composed by a group of internet singers was made, called Immediate Yearning.

Vocal Song

In Summer 2011 with the release of the second ending, Shanghai Aurogon and Gamebar released the only vocal song in this game, Gujian Qingyun 古剑情韵, composed by Xiaoxu Music Studio and sung by Dong Zhen 董贞.


Notable awards: "MVG 2010 My Favourite Single-player video game" and Taiwan "2011 Bahamut Game Silver Award".


The Animation film and TV series based on Legend of the ancient Sword story are being produced.

News from the Aurogon team has said that there will be three novels set in the Gujian universe and the first one will be released in Summer 2012.

The MMORPG, Gujian online and Gujian 2 are all under development.

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