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Series Information

Legend of the Condor Heroes
Legend of the Condor Heroes

Name: Legend of the Condor Heroes
Chinese Name: 射雕英雄传
Other Names: The Eagle Shooting Heroes, She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan
Year: 2005
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Director: Li Guoli
Screenwriter: Deng Zishan
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Ariel Lin, Yuan Hong, Liu Shi Shi, Xie Na, Li Jie
Release Date: 2008-07-15
Episode Number: 50
Genre: Wuxia, Action, Romance
Related Series: Return of the Condor Heroes (prequel), Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (sequel)
Original Author: Jin Yong
Information: Filming for this series started in 2006, but was halted for almost one year due to Hu Ge's accident.



As sworn brothers, Yang Tiexin and Guo Xiaotian were unfortunately killed by the Song army, leaving their pregnant wives behind. They made a pact that if the two babies were boys, they'd become sworn brothers as well. If they were of the opposite gender, they'd be betrothed. As they landed in foreign lands, Li Ping gave birth to a sturdy and blockheaded young man called Guo Jing, who grew up in the wilderness of Mongolia. Meanwhile, Bao Xiruo gave birth to a smart, yet crafty young man by the name of Yang Kang, who took the Jin Empire's Prince, Wanyan Hong Lie as his father.

When Guo Jing and Yang Kang met under a pact their martial arts masters made, soon a string of events unfolded, such as the truth behind their parents death. Guo Jing meets the intelligent and witty Huang Rong, who admired him greatly because of his kindness, while Yang Kang meets Mu Nianci, the adopted daughter of Tie Mu, a mysterious man with a past.

Yang Kang discovers secrets he never wished to find, which ultimately led him towards the kind of darkness which would destroy everyone around, while Guo Jing became enlightened by martial arts experts and found a cause greater than his own.

The story is about love, hate and revenge, and the journey of Guo Jing and Yang Kang, along with friends, teachers, families and enemies. Together, they go through events which changed them and made them a better or worse person.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Guo Jing 郭靖 Hu Ge 胡歌 Hu Ge 胡歌
Huang Rong 黄蓉 Ariel Lin 林依晨 Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Yang Kang 杨康 Yuan Hong 袁弘 Shen Lei 沈磊
Mu Nianci 穆念慈 Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 Yang Menglu 杨梦露
Hua Zheng 华筝 Xie Na 谢娜 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Ouyang Ke 欧阳克 Li Jie 李解 Xia Lei 夏磊
Huang Yaoshi 黄药师 Anthony Wong 黄秋生 Xu Min 徐敏
Ouyang Feng 欧阳锋 Elvis Tsui 徐锦江 Yuan Guoqing 袁国庆
Duan Zhixing 段智兴 Xiao Rongsheng 肖荣生 (Unknown)
Hong Qigong 洪七公 Bryan Leung 梁家仁 Li Chuanying 李传缨
Bao Xiruo 包惜弱 Kathy Chow 周海媚 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Yang Tiexin 杨铁心 Weng Jiaming 翁家明 (Unknown)
Mei Chaofeng 梅超风 Kong Wei 孔维 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Wanye Honglie 完颜洪烈 Guo Liang 郭亮 Guo Yifeng 郭易峰
Tuo Lei 拖雷 Xu Shengnan 许圣楠 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Kezhen E 柯镇恶 Deng Limin 邓立民 (Unknown)
Li Ping 李萍 Wu Yujuan 伍宇娟 Zhang Hui 张惠
Zhou Botong 周伯通 Li Yu 李彧 (Unknown)
Temujin 铁木真 Ba Yin 巴音 Wang Xiaobing 王肖兵
Qiu Chuji 丘处机 Zhao Yi 赵毅 (Unknown)
Ying Gu 瑛姑 Liu Liqi 刘立淇 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Qiu Qianren 裘千仞 Wang Jianguo 王建国 (Unknown)
Sha Gu 傻姑 Wang Shasha 王莎莎 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Guo Xiaotian 郭啸天 Ren Tianye 任天野 (Unknown)

Production Credits

  • Creators: Ren Zhonglun, Lin Lixia
  • Producer: Karen Tsoi
  • Directors: Li Guoli (main), Su Juan (secondary)

Main Songs

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