Love of the Millennium

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Series Information

Love of the Millennium
Love of the Millennium

Name: Love of the Millennium
Chinese Name: 又见白娘子
Other Names: You Jian Bai Niang Zi, New Legend of the White Snake, White Snake Magical Tale
Year: 2010
Country: Mainland China
Director: Liu Fengsheng, Xu Huikang
Music Director: Zuo Hongyuan
Main Actors: Zuo Xiaoqing, Ren Quan, Shen Xiaohai, Queenie Tai, Jiang Kaitong, Cao Yanyan
Release Date: 2011-06
Related Series: Madame White Snake, Legend of the White Snake
Similar Series: Seven of the Sky, Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Mermaid Beauty, The Lotus Lantern
Episode Number: 35
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mythology


Five hundred years ago, Black Dragon King from the Demonic Realm was defeated by five powerful beings from the Celestial Realm and was sealed within a cave inside Kunlun Mountains. The five beings who sealed him was The Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, Black Turtle and Qilin. Now, Black Dragon King is plotting revenge, with the help of his daughter who lived in the Demonic Realm, Huo Qilin.

Meanwhile, Bai Suzeng, nicknamed Zheng'er is a White Snake spirit living a carefree life in the Celestial Realm with her beloved tree deity, Qiong Sang. He'd often mess up and Zheng'er would secretly help him.

One day during a battle between Huo Qilin with the Celestial Realm, it was revealed that Zheng'er was actually the Black Dragon King's daughter, Huo Qilin's half sister. With Baizu Zhenren's advice, Huo Qilin calculates a plan to let Zhen'er discover the truth behind her family beground, which jeopardises her romance with Qiong Sang. After breaking the rules, they attempt to escape into the mortal world, but was caught and Qiong Sang sacrificed himself to help Zheng'er leave safely, which resulted in him being severely injured. Qiong Sang now must reincarnate, and the two of them were forced to drink the Forgive Love Soup, which erases their memories on each other.

Bai Suzhen seals herself up inside the ice and begins cultivating for hundreds of years, and eventually wakes up to attempt to search for Qiong Sang, because she had forced the soup out long ago. Qiong Sang had already been reincarnated many times, and this lifetime, he was Xu Xian. Together, they meet the second time, falling in love at first sight, and thus their journey begins again.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Bai Suzhen 白素贞 Zuo Xiaoqing 左小青 Ma Haiyan 马海燕
Xu Xian 许仙 Ren Quan 任泉 Bian Jiang 边江
Fahai 法海 Shen Xiaohai 沈晓海 Lu Kui 陆揆
Qing'er 青儿 Queenie Tai 戴君竹 Liu Lu 刘露
Huo Qilin 火麒麟 Jiang Kaitong 江铠同 Shen Qiuxiang 申秋香
Xu Jiaorong 许姣容 Cao Yanyan 曹艳艳 Ma Cheng 马程
Liu Gongde 刘功德 Miao Haojun 苗皓钧 Tian Bo 田波
Vermillion Bird 朱雀 He Jiayi 何佳怡 Xu Xiaoqing 徐晓青
Black Dragon King 黑龙王 Liu Dekai 刘德凯 Qi Jie 齐杰
Baizu Zhenren 百足真人 Zhao Qing 赵擎 Yu Meng 孟宇
Bodhisattva Guanyin 观音菩萨 Li Lin 李琳 Xu Xiaoqing 徐晓青
Azure Dragon 青龙 Li Zilong 李梓龙 Hui Long 惠龙
White Tiger 白虎 Ruan Wentao 阮文涛 (Unknown)
Jin Leshe 金乐舍 Zhang Di 张迪 (Unknown)
Liu Ling 柳苓 Song Ge 宋阁 Yan Mengmeng 阎萌萌
Master Liu 柳师傅 Mou Yiqi 缪以琪 (Unknown)
Jin Baiwan 金百万 Liu Yongming 刘永明 (Unknown)

Production Credits

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