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Profile and Information

Luo Yuting
Luo Yuting

Name: Luo Yuting
Chinese Name: 罗玉婷
English Name: Anita
Residence: Shanghai, China
Birthdate: 1982-10-13
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, piano, flute, yoga, table tennis and fishing
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Favorite Series: Korean Dramas, Wuxia Series (she particularly loves Xiao Longnv)
Occupation: Voice Actress
University: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Representative Works: Qin's Moon, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Seven of the Sky


Luo Yuting is a voice actress and actress, she began voice acting in 2004 and lives in Shanghai, China.

Voiceover Roles

Ancient Chinese Series

(Minor Roles)

Seven of the Sky, Kung Fu, A new tale of monk Chai Kung, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Heroic Legend


  • Qin's Moon Xiao Chuang Jianghu 秦时明月之笑闯江湖 as Xuenv and Shao Yu (2012)
  • Qin's Moon The Great Wall 秦时明月之万里长城 as Xuenv and Gao Yue (2012)
  • Qin's Moon Hundred Schools of Thought 秦时明月之诸子百家 as Xuenv and Gao Yue (2010)
  • Qin's Moon Night Ends - Daybreak 秦时明月之夜尽天明 as Xuenv (2008)
  • Eastern Angel 东方神娃 as Fengwa (2005)

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