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Profile and Information

Name: Mei Chaofeng / Mei Ruohua (Birthname)
Alternative Names: "Iron Corpse" Tiě Shī 铁尸
Fictive: Yes
Original Author: Jin Yong
Appearance: Legend of the Condor Heroes
Family: Chen Xuanfeng (Husband)
Era: Song Dynasty
Birthplace: Unknown
Organisations: Peach Blossom Island
Students: Yang Kang


Mei Chaofeng's parents died while she was still at a very young age. Her uncle sold her to the Jiang family. Though Mr. Jiang tried to rape her Mrs. Jiang thought she was seducing her husband and tried to rip out Mei Chaofeng's eyes when East Heretic Huang Yaoshi came just in time and taught the woman a lesson. East Heretic Huang Yaoshi then bought Mei Chaofeng from the Jiang family. Qu Lingfeng and second elder martial brother Chen Xuanfeng became quite taken by her beauty as she aged. Qu Lingfeng surpressed his feelings because he was a widower and he didn't want to think of love and knew that Huang Yaoshi was secretly in love with Mei Chaofeng. Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chaofeng soon grew close with each other and confessed his love finally on one spring evening, under a peach tree. Their love was discovered by their elder martial brother Qu Lingfeng, Chen fought him and was defeated. Qu Lingfeng's anger came from feeling that Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chaofeng betrayed their teacher because Mei Chaofeng had once vowed to always stay at the side of her teacher.
Huang Yaoshi found out about the fight, broke Qu Lingfeng's legs and disowned him. He came back with a new wife after months but revealed Mei Chaofeng his feelings . Chen and Mei stole the Nine Yin Manual after hearing this.

Chen Xuanfeng's interpretation of the Nine Yin White Bone Claw's unorthodox style lead them to believe they needed to practice on actual skulls. Their first victims were the Jiang Family. Soon they earned the nickname Twin corpses of the Dark Winds.

They found out that the Seven Masters of Quanzhen were secretly following them. Not wanting to have to face all these martial artists, they left the Central Plains until they reached the Mongolian prairies, where they practiced further the Nine Yin White Bone Claw and the Heart Destroying Palm. One evening at the mountainside, the Seven Freaks of Jiangnan attacked Mei Chaofeng. Mei Chaofeng was blinded while her husband died from being stabbed by a six year old Guo Jing. Mei Chaofeng thought it was Yang Kang who murdered her husband and swore revenge. She searched for the Nine Yin Manual on her husbands body but couldn't find it. Instead she found out that it was engraved into his chest so no one could steal it. She took the piece of skin with me manual with her.

Mei Chaofeng travelled to Song, where she was treated by everybody as pitful bling woman. There she met Yang Kang, wich she taught various martial arts, also Nine Yin White Bone Claw and the Heart Pushing Palm. She made Yang Kang take the oath of not telling anyone, she told him she would kill him if he told anyone.

Several years passed the prince wanted to go to Mongolia. She was able to go back with the prince by telling him she wanted to offer a sacrifice for her husband's grave. Her real intentions were to get revenge on the Seven Freaks of Jiangnan. Unexpectedly, the Seven Masters of Quanzhen were all in Mongolia. Being blinded, she knew there was no way get revenge with the Quanzhen masters there as well.

Huang Yaoshi would encounter Mei Chaofeng being trapped in a cave by OuYang Ke. Huang Yaoshi's flute would subdue OuYang Ke's concubines and snakes, however Ouyang Ke managed to escape, but this was enough to save Mei Chaofeng.

She was killed later by Ouyang Feng, when he attempted to try killing Huang Yaoshi, by stepping in the way to save her master.
Mei Chaofeng then gained forgiveness by him.

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