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Profile and Information

Nicky Wu
Nicky Wu

Name: Wu Qilong
Chinese Name: 吴奇隆
English Name: Nicky Wu (Nicholas Wu)
Other Name: Thunderbolt Tiger (The Little Tigers band)
Nationality: Chinese
Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan
Birthdate: 1970-10-31
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Graduated: Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University
Talent Agency: Beijing Scarecrow Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Representative Works: Treasure Venture, Scarlet Heart, Legend of the White Haired Demoness 2012
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: O
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Zodiac: Scorpio
Family: Father, mother, elder brother (Wu Qizhan) and younger brother (Qu Qilin)
Favorite Actors: Tom Hanks, Sylvia Chang
Favorite Singers: Rod Stewart, The Beatles
Hobbies: Sports, reading, watching movies, internet, theater productions, music creation
Favorite Colors: Black, red, white, blue
Favorite Foods: Rice, eggs, chocolate, plum, lollipop


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