Number One in the World

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Series Information

Number One in the World
Number One in the World

Name: Number One in the World
Chinese Name: 天下第一
Other Names: Tian Xia Di Yi, Royal Swordsmen, World's Finest, Number One Under Heaven
Year: 2005
Production Company: Jing's Production Ltd., First Media Corporation
Country: Mainland China
Director: Billy Tang
Screenwriter: Lin Qiang
Main Actors: Roger Kwok, Li Yapeng, Wallace Huo, Dicky Cheung, Damian Lau, Tammy Chen
Episode Number: 35
Genre: Wuxia


The story is set in the middle of ancient China's Ming Dynasty: Four martial art experts, led by emperor's uncle, formed an imperial secret service and called themselves "The Dragon's Protectors",

Immediately after they have foiled the assassination attempt of the emperor, a complex and devious conspiracy of treason, which involved a Japanese Samurai gang, was also unveiled. Just as the team head into the clues and investigate deeper into the web, they soon discover a small connection linking them back to their own organization. As in result, each prominent member of the Protectors team must to use their skill, wisdom and expertise, to solve the mystery that threatens the very existence of the "Dragon's Protectors."

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Duan Tianya 段天涯 Li Yapeng 李亚鹏 Jin Yonggang 金永钢
Guihai Yidao 归海一刀 Wallace Huo 霍建华 Jiang Guangtao 姜广涛
Shangguan Haitang 上官海棠 Michelle Ye 叶璇 Li Shirong 李世荣
Cheng Shifei 成是非 Roger Kwok 郭晋安 Zhang Peng 张澎
Liusheng Xueji 柳生雪姬 Huang Shengyi 黄圣依 Ji Guanlin 季冠霖
Liusheng Piaoxiu 柳生飘絮 Gao Yuanyuan 高圆圆 Ji Guanlin 季冠霖
Zhu Wushi 朱无视 Damian Lau 刘松仁 Li Lihong 李立宏
Princess Yunluo 云罗郡主 Tammy Chen 陈怡蓉 Wang Xiaoyan 王晓燕
Wan Sanqian 万三千 Ken Tong 汤镇业 Qu Jingguo 曲敬国
Emperor Zhengde 正德皇帝 Deng Chao 邓超 Deng Chao 邓超
Su Xin 素心 Monica Chan 陈法蓉 Deng Xiaoou 邓小鸥
Gu Santong 古三通 Dicky Cheung 张卫健 Lu Kui 陆揆
Cao Zhengchun 曹正淳 Li Jianyi 李建义 Lin Baoquan 林保全
Liusheng Danmashou 柳生但马守 Yasuaki Kurata 仓田保昭 Qi Kejian 齐克建
Xiao Nu 小奴 Lynn Poh 傅芳玲 Deng Xiaoou 邓小鸥
Empress Dowager 太后 Tang Qun 唐群 Huang Fengying 黄凤英
Xiao Linzheng 小林正 Adam Chan 詹金泉 Chen Hao 陈浩
Princess Lixiu 利秀公主 Li Sibei 李思蓓 (Unknown)
Liusheng Shibingwei 柳生十兵卫 Zhang Yapeng 张亚鹏 Liu Zhaowen 刘昭文

Production Credits

  • Creators: Yang Dengkui Lin Zheng, Zhang Xiaowu
  • Producers: Wong Jing, Wang Dapeng, Chen Beibei, Huang Jinmei, Chen Jingxia
  • Director: Billy Tang 邓衍成

Main Songs

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