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Series Information

Qin's Moon
Qin's Moon

Name: Qin's Moon
Chinese Name: 秦时明月 (Named after the famous Chinese Poem)
Other Names: The Legend of Qin, Qin Shi Ming Yue, The Legend of Swordsman
Original Airing: 2007
Original Novel: Wen Shiren
Production Company: Hangzhou StarQ
Country: Mainland China
Director: Robin Shen
Producers: Robin Shen, Chen Qianyuan
Main Voice Actors: Feng Junhua, Shen Dawei, Shen Lei, Huang Yiqing, Sun Ye, Zhai Wei, Hong Haitian
Seasons: 7
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts



Qin's Moon tells the story of the rise and fall of the Qin Dnasty, the first Dynasty of China. During this time, six kingdoms were conquered by Qin in a ruthless takeover, with the new emperor forcing his subjects to follow his will and laws. The story followed a young boy, Tianming, who was hunted down by the Qin empire for reasons beyond his knowledge; and together with his friends, allies and teachers, he would change the course of history. As the story progressed fantasy, steampunk and history intertwined to tell this truly unique tale of courage during uncertain times. Tianming faced treacherous enemies, hope and loss, difficult relationships with both family and friends, and the challenges of dealing with a changing world. Eventually, a new era will be created out of their struggles for a better world.


Swordsmaster Ge Nie had searched everywhere for an orphaned child named Tianming, whose adopted parents, a pair of elderly couple died from a fire. After a long search, Ge Nie finally found him. Together, they began the journey to somewhere faraway which Tian Ming had no idea of and soon got cornered by the Qin soldiers. The Prime Minister had sent a bunch of troops in an attempt to capture Ge Nie, the top swordsman in the Qin's Emprie, and the child, but failed with both the soldiers dead and Ge Nie injured from protecting Tian Ming.

Meanwhile, the Emperor Qin, Ying Zheng was set on killing the two and sent Li Si to make a deal with Wei Zhuang, Ge Nie's former fellow disciple from the same sect, Ghost Valley. In their sect, only one could be the victor and the other one was then determined forever as the loser, therefore Wei Zhuang had always viewed Ge Nie as his rival. Because the deal was to find and kill Ge Nie, Wei Zhuang accepted and gathered his assassin team, Quicksand, to prepare an attack on Ge Nie and Tianming.

Ge Nie soon found himself unable to go on, and faintly aware of this, Tianming started to cook him a roasted pheasant, which set off some fireworks and alarmed the Tribe of Xiang. In this tribe was Shao Yu, the last of the Xiang Family. Once everyone heard the alarm and thought it was the enemies infiltrating, they got their weapons ready to take a lot, only to find it was Tianming and the injured Ge Nie. Around this time, one of Quicksand's members, Unparalleled Demon appeared and attacked. Ge Nie was able to use his last strength to defeat him before fainting. What started as a misunderstanding ultimately brought Tianming and Shao Yu as friends and Shao Yu offered to help Ge Nie by offering to bring him to the Medical Immortal, Duanmu Rong of the Mohist School, who was able to cure anyone of any illness or injury.

This was the beginning of Tianming and Ge Nie's journey with the Mohist School, which included Gao Yue - Duanmu Rong's assistant who really got along with Tianming, Master Ban, Teacher Xu, Gao Jianli, Xuenu, Ironhammer and Dao Zhi. They quickly grew to admire the Mohist School, which was all about anti-war and universal love. Together, they became a close team and swore to stop Ying Zheng, the Emperor of Qin from plaguing the world with war and bloodshed.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Voice Actor
Jing Tianming 荆天明 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Gao Yue 高月 (S1-2) Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Gao Yue 高月 (S3-4) Luo Yuting 罗玉婷
Xiang Shaoyu 項少羽 Shen Dawei 沈达威
Ge Nie 盖聂 Liu Qin 刘钦
Wei Zhuang 卫庄 Wu Lei 吴磊
Duanmu Rong 端木蓉 Li Minyan 李敏妍
Crimson Snake 赤练 Hong Haitian 洪海天
Gongshu Chou 公输仇 Li Liqun 李立群
Master Ban 班大师 Yuan Guoqing 袁国庆
Meng Tian 蒙恬 Sun Ye 孙晔
Shifu Fan 范师傅 Su Dongsheng 苏东生
Jing Ke 荆轲 Sun Ye 孙晔
Gao Jianli 高渐离 (S2) Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Gao Jianli 高渐离 (S3-4) Shen Lei 沈磊
Xuenu 雪女 Luo Yuting 罗玉婷
Da Tiechui/Ironhammer 大铁锤 Liu Bin 刘彬
Dao Zhi 盗跖 Zhai Wei 翟巍
White Phoenix 白凤 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Shi Lan 石兰 Hong Haitian 洪海天
Mohist Leader 墨家巨子 Sun Ye 孙晔
Star Wraith 星魂 Wu Lei 吴磊
Zhang Liang/Zifang 张良 Zhai Wei 翟巍
Da Siming 大司命 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Shao Siming 少司命 (None yet)
Long Ju 龙且 Xia Lei 夏磊
Gongsun Ling Long 公孙玲珑 (S3) Zhang Anqi 张安琪
Yan Lu 颜路 Jiang Ke 蒋可
Fu Su 扶苏 Xia Lei 夏磊


Qin's Moon is China's first Wuxia CG 3D Animation based on the novel by Wen Shiren and made its debut during Spring Festival 2007.

Main Songs


Season English Name Chinese Name Year
1 Hundred Steps Flying Sword 秦时明月之百步飞剑 2007
2 Night Ends - Daybreak 秦时明月之夜尽天明 2008
3 Hundred Schools of Thought 秦时明月之诸子百家 2010
4 The Great Wall 秦时明月之万里长城 2012
5 The Sovereign Descends the World 秦时明月之君临天下 2014

Season 1: Hundred Steps Flying Sword

The evil Ying Zheng has conquered, and now rules, the six nations of ancient China. He employs legions of troops and a network of assassins to suppress the rising tide of rebels. High on his list of targets are ten-year old Tianming and his honorary “uncle” Ge Nie, the greatest swordsman in the land. Ge Nie has a former association with Ying Zheng, as well as Wei Zhuang, the leader of Quicksand, a deadly league of assassins.

During their many adventures on their quest, Ge Nie and Tianming befriend another young boy, Shao Yu, the last descendant of the Chu Kingdom. This new trio crosses paths with many people, including several figures that will play significant roles in their future. The first is Duanmu Rong, a doctor and member of the peaceful Mohist Sect. They also meet Master Ban, a wizard of mechanical marvels, and Yuer, a young girl with a mysterious past. These new allies come under attack from Wei Zhuang’s assassins, and the Gongshu Clan, arch-rivals of the Mohist Sect, also plot against them.

Tianming, Ge Nie and the rest escape to the Machinery City, the Mohist’s secret sanctuary. During this respite, Tianming meets many new Mohist allies, such as gigantic Da Tiechui, the so-called Iron Hammer and military leader of the Mohists. Dao Zhi, a speedster, Xuenu, a beautiful woman with power over the elements, and Gao Jianli, another ace swordsman, round out the new compatriots. Tianming will need all the help he can get, because as the season ends, Qin forces, the League of Assassins, and Gongshu Chou from the Gongshu Clan launch a full scale attack.

Season 2: Night Ends - Daybreak

As season two dawns, one of Ying Zheng’s chief assassins, Hidden Bat, is out to get our heroes. After making short work of Hidden Bat, Da Tiechui joins forces with Gao Jianli with his Cold Water Sword and Xuenu with her specialized attack called White Snow to defend the secret city.

However, the city has been poisoned by Black Unicorn, an evil-doer of many disguises. Ying Zheng takes advantage of the poisonings and invades. Yuer, Tianming, and Shao Yu are put through a series of puzzles and challenges including killer statues, a magic music box, and a game of killer chess. The dastardly Gongshu Chou tries to kill them with a gigantic mechanical snake. With the aid of White Tiger, a mechanical Mohist vehicle, they battle the mecha-serpent and defeat it. Gongshu Chou is seemingly vanquished…or is he?

Wei Zhuang and the League of Assassins (including Chi Lian, the mistress of snakes; Wu Shuang Gui, a mechanized monstrosity; the high-flying Bai Feng Huang; and the blood-drinking Yin Fu) confront Ge Nie and his Mohist and Chu allies (Gao Jianli, Xuenu, Da Tiechui, Duanmu Rong, Master Ban, Teacher Xu, and Shao Yu). To everyone’s shock and horror, Tianming stabs Ge Nie during the battle. The season ends with Ge Nie and Duanmu Rong both wounded and possibly dying.

Season 3: Hundred Schools of Thought

As the third season begins, it’s revealed that it wasn’t Tianming who stabbed Ge Nie, but the shapeshifting assassin Black Unicorn. Though injured, Ge Nie rallies and fights Wei Zhuang. Ge Nie’s unique martial art is called the Hundred Steps Flying Sword, and he unleashes it upon Wei Zhuang in full force. Wei Zhuang hits Ge Nie with that same technique, and this causes Ge Nie to collapse. In a pained daze, Ge Nie reflects upon his past history with Wei Zhuang. Both vied to be the apprentice of the legendary Ghost Valley School. Wei Zhuang believed in doing whatever it took to win, but Ge Nie believed that the strong should protect the weak.

Through a series of flashbacks we learn a great deal about the history of the other characters, and learn what influenced Iron Hammer, Xuenu, Gao Jianli, and Shao Yu. Meanwhile the battle for the Machinery City continues, with Dao Zhi facing off against the mysterious veiled Shao Siming and the Mohist Leader fighting against Da Siming, the Master of Fate.

Tianming is captured by Wei Zhuang and used as the prize in a contest of battles between his Quicksand Assassins and the Mohists. It’s a war of the giants when Wu Shuang Gui battles Da Tiechui. The next battle is between Xuenu and Chi Lian, and the final between Gao Jianli and Bai Feng Huang, the White Phoenix. Gao Jianli’s past is also revealed, and we learn how he met Jing Ke, the assassin who tried to kill Ying Zheng, and as fate would have it, Jing Ke is also revealed to be Tianming’s father.

Defeated, Wei Zhuang and his band leave. The Mohist Leader – actually Prince Yan Dan, who’s also Yuer’s father - realizes that he’s been cursed with the Curse of the Six Souls, which would eventually kill him. After meeting with the ailing figurehead, Tianming is made the NEW MOHIST LEADER! Since the curse is going to kill Yan Dan, he decided to pass all his internal energy to Tianming.

Tianming’s role as Mohist Leader is questioned mainly by Teacher Xu, Master Ban, and Da Tiechui when they see that he is very unwilling to learn and seems to cause more trouble than he’s worth. However, Gao Jianli, Xuenu and Dao Zhi stand by Tianming’s side and believe in him. They tell him that no matter how impossible something may seem, nothing is truly impossible. A setback occurs when Yuer is kidnapped and taken away by the mysterious Yue Shen, the Moon Goddess.

To get stronger, Tianming and Shao Yu journey to Sanghai, where their new allies of the Confucian School reside. Here, they meet Fat Ding, the school’s chef who’s also a Mohist. At the Confucian School, the lads study literature, archery, horse riding, and the military arts. After a while, Tianming realizes he has amazing powers.

We also meet Star Wraith, a powerful child prodigy who has the seeds of pure evil sown in him. We also finally see Yuer again. She was taken to the Eastern Emperor, who seems to be the ultimate unknown. Something strange has happened to her, because Yuer no longer seems to have her soul. We’re also introduced to Mirage, a giant boat that’s alleged to send people to search for the elixir of immortality!

Season 3 ends with pressing questions. What’s happened to Yuer and why is she dressed like the evil Shao Siming? Can the boat “Mirage” take someone to find to key to ever-lasting life? Will our heroes prevail again the forces arrayed against them? And will Tianming become the warrior and man both he and Ge Nie want him to be?

Main Characters

Qin's Moon

Tianming - Brave, spunky, and usually hungry, Tianming constantly looks up to his adoptive “uncle”, the enigmatic Ge Nie, who teaches him the path of the hero, and how it is not always easy. Fun- loving and resourceful, he and Ge Nie are constantly pursued by the Qin forces and Quicksand. Among his friends he counts the sweet Yuer, who he develops a strong bond with, and the brash but trustworthy Shao Yu, who he views as both a brother and a rival. Although knowing little of martial arts, Tianming’s resourcefulness always comes through in the end, winning the respect of the adults around him.

Gao Yue (Yuer) - At first, Gao Yue, also known as Yuer, appears to be nothing more than a kind and sweet young girl, but within her lies many identities to many people. To Duanmu Rong, the medic who’s taken her under her wing, she’s someone with a past that must be kept secret. To the Mohist School, she is a bright young student with a future in their organization. To Tianming, she is a great friend with a kind heart who he wants to protect dearly. But to the Yin and Yang School, she may be much, much more. All these identities lie within the heart of this young girl, who is far more courageous and enlightened than she first appears to be, and is both an intelligent comrade and a caring friend.

Shao Yu - Shao Yu is bold, confident, and incredibly strong for his age and is the last heir to the Chu kingdom’s royal tribe. He has been raised in hopes that he would free them from the domination of the Qin Empire. Because of this, Shao Yu can also be arrogant at times, but never lets this get in the way of his friendship with Tianming and Yuer, and is usually quite mature. Thrown in to the adventure right at the beginning, Shao Yu is overjoyed at the chance to fulfill the destiny set forth by his family and advisers.

Ge Nie - A former apprentice of the Ghost Valley sect, Ge Nie was once the most feared swordsmen to serve the Qin Empire. Having now renounced Qin, Ge Nie has dedicated himself in protecting the young Tianming. Stalwart and often aloof, one would be quick to mistake him as cold and uncaring. However, he holds deep convictions in his heart on what it means to be a good person, and tries to impart this wisdom to Tianming, whom he sees as a hope for the future. He treats Wei Zhuang as a brother, despite his obsessive rivalry.


Wei Zhuang - Cunning, patient, and intelligent, Wei Zhuang is far more than just a swordsman on par with Ge Nie. He is also the leader of Quicksand, hired by the Qin Empire to track down Tianming and Ge Nie. He and Ge Nie are the only disciples of the Ghost Valley sect, with Ge Nie being the one to inherit the title of master. Wei Zhuang bears a grudge against Ge Nie not because he is jealous, but because he feels that Ge Nie’s ideals have no place in the world of Qin, and will go to any length to prove this to him. Wielding the legendary sword Shark Teeth, he is a ruthless reminder of the harshness of the imperial world.

Crimson Snake - Also known as Chi Lian, this vicious vixen is a member of Wei Zhuang’s Quicksand. A master of poisons, her deception and trickery knows no bounds, earning her a spot close to Wei Zhuang’s side in Quicksand. With a large variety of snakes under her control, she can also physically attack with her Sword Whip and use a bewitching power called the Fire Charm. Often curt and rude towards her opponents, she especially likes to tease them into making a mistake, in which she takes the opportunity to give them a lethal dose of poison. The one person she seems to sincerely love and trust is Wei Zhuang, and her background is perhaps the most mysterious of all.

White Phoenix - Also known as Bai Feng Huang, the White Phoenix is a wind-soaring member of Wei Zhuang’s Quicksand. Originally hailing from the Kingdom of Han and riding a large bird as his steed, he uses smaller birds to track his prey, and marks and tracks his targets with white feathers.

Dark Wolf King - The Dark Wolf King, also known as Cang Lang Wang, this masked menace is a member of Wei Zhuang’s Quicksand. Dark Wolf King once served the King of Han, but vanished when that nation was conquered by Qin. He resurfaced as an assassin and uses his control of wolves to hunt down unlucky prey.

Hidden Bat - Also known as Yin Fu, Hidden Bat is a member of Wei Zhuang’s Quicksand. Repulsive and creepy, this nightcrawling fiend also has a taste for human blood.

Black Unicorn - Also known as Heiqilin, Black Unicorn is perhaps the most mysterious member of Wei Zhuang’s Quicksand. Seemingly always in shadow, Heiqilin has the ability to take the shape and form of other people.

Unparalleled Demon - This towering beast of a man is a member of Wei Zhuang’s Quicksand. Many opponents have found themselves to be no match to his strength and size. Wu Shuang Gui is the first agent of Wei Zhuang’s to track down Tianming and Ge Nie.

Mohist School

Duanmu Rong - One of the six elders of the Mohist School, Sister Rong, as she is called by Yue-er, is a gifted medic and an expert at fighting using needles. Due to a warning from her old teacher, she vowed never to treat any swordsman or person who used martial arts for personal gain. This greatly conflicts her when she sees, Ge Nie, a swordsman who was injured defending her comrades, and Tianming’s words slowly get through to her. To Yue-er, she is a loving elder sister, even though they are not biologically related, and the kindness she hides within her is reflected in her younger “sibling”.

Xuenu - One of the six elders of the Mohist school, Xuenu may be beautiful and ornately dressed, but is anything but demure. She is confident in her powers over snow, which seem to reflect her cold outlook on life. Beneath the surface, though, Xuenu harbors mutual affections for the love of her life, Gao Jianli, and the trust between this pair is second to none within the Mohist school.

Gao Jianli - A true friend to the deceased warrior Jing Ke, Gao Jianli fights on with the Mohist school in his memory, as well as to protect his partner, Xuenu. While superficialy similar to Ge Nie, Gao Jianli relies far more on his heart and emotions to guide his decisions in life and in battle. His sword’s ability to control water reflects his tumultuous personality.

Dao Zhi - Also known as Dao Zhi, Thief Zhi is a quick-witted, fleet-footed elder of the Mohist school who’s also fast with his mouth. Being hopelessly in love with Duanmu Rong because she once saved him, he would give up anything for her. Dao Zhi is nevertheless devoted to the Mohist cause, and finds a rivalry with White Phoenix of Quicksand.

Ironhammer - Proud and Strong, Ironhammer is the military leader of the Mohist school, and all of the soldiers within look up to him. Out of everyone, Tianming has the most to prove to him, due to his physical weakness. Ironhammer believes in keeping one’s word absolutely, and is deeply devoted to the Mohist School.

Master Ban - The head elder of the Mohist school who answers directly to the Mohist Leader himself, Master Ban is an expert in mechanical engineering and has the patience of someone who has lived to his age. His mechanical arm is a reminder to him of this patience, but that virtue is constantly being tested by Tianming. Knowing the various traps and passageways of the Mohist school inside and out, Master Ban is an invaluable resource to the group, even if he can sometimes be set in his ways.

Teacher Xu - One of the six elders of the Mohist school, Teacher Xu is a master of forging swords. However, he still pales in comparison to the skills of his deceased parents, who forged Broken Rainbow, later Rainbow Abyss and Shark Teeth. Nevertheless, his knowledge of magical sword is unsurpassed in all of China.

Jing Ke - This jolly guy and master of the drunken fist is actually a deadly assassin, and was one of Gao Jianli’s closest friends before he was killed on a mission from Prince Dan, Yue-er’s father. During several Missions together, Jing Ke and Gao Jianlli’s skills proved to be quite a combination, with Gao Jianli’s magic greatly assisting Jing Ke’s martial arts. Over time, Jing Ke wanted to reveal the secrets of his ability to Gao Jianli on the condition that he would tell a joke. Naturally, Gao Jianli refused. Just what secrets are held behind his clever smile?

Mohist Leader - Mysterious and aloof, the Mohist Leader rarely shows himself, but is nevertheless revered and respected by the six elders. He wields a powerful sword and is said to be far stronger than even Wei Zhuang. He gathered the six elders by saving each of their lives as they were about to die, and introduced them to the Mohist Philosophy.

Awards Won

  • 1st Place, Panoramic Animation – 2011 Cannes TV Festival Awards – Cannes, France
  • Most Popular Cartoon of the Year, 4th Annual “Golden Dragon Awards,” 2008-2011
  • 1st Prize of Outstanding TV Cartoon by China Radio & TV Association in 2007, 2011
  • White Yulan Silver Award in Cartoon Category
  • Top Honor Shanghai TV Festival (2009)
  • Number 1 in Local Cartoon Ranking (14-34) in Shanghai Xuandong
  • Cartoon “Audience Contribution Award” (2008)
  • 2nd Prize of Outstanding Cartoon (2008) by The State Administration of Radio, Film and TV
  • Recommended Local Cartoon of the Year by The State Administration of Radio, Film and TV
  • Recommended Creation of the Year by China Animation Association in 2008
  • Best Animation Image Award in the 4th China International Cartoon & Comics Festival “Golden Monkey Awards” (2008)
  • Best Cartoon Series, 4th China International Cartoon & Comics “Monkey Awards” (2008)
  • Best Cartoon Series of the Year, 4th Original Cartoon & Comic Art competition “Golden Dragon Awards” (2008)
  • Best Cartoon Song of The Year (Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), 4th annual Golden Dragon Awards
  • Popularity Prize, 2nd China Original Mobile Cartoon & Comics competition (2008)
  • Best Design Award of Jury’s Special Awards in the 2nd China Original Mobile Cartoon & Comics competition (2008)
  • Best Cartoon Nomination Xiamen International Cartoon & Comics Festival “Golden Dolphin”
  • Outstanding Cartoon Award, Professional Category, CCGF Digital Image China Festival (2008)
  • Happy Team Award in HXSD “My CG & My Happiness” completion (2008)
  • Recommended Local Cartoon of the Year by the The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (2007)
  • Outstanding Cartoon Award of the 20th “Starlight Awards,” the highest awards announced by the government (2007)
  • 2nd Prize of National Outstanding Cartoons (2007) by The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
  • 2nd Prize of Cartoon, TV & Movie in Zhejiang Province (2007)
  • Cartoon TV shortlist of “Golden Panda Awards,” 9th Sichuan TV Festival (2007)
  • Best Chinese Cartoon Image nomination “ White Yulan Awards” in the 13th Shanghai Festival
  • Best Cartoon Series nomination of “Monkey Awards,” 3rd China International Cartoon & Comics Festival

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