Shao Siming

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Profile and Information

Shao Siming
Shao Siming

Name: Shao Siming (少司命)
Alternative Names: --
Fictional?: Yes
Appearance: Qin's Moon
Age: 16
Family: Unknown
Era: Qin Dynasty
Birthplace: Unknown
Organisations: Yin and Yang School (阴阳家)

Skills and Weapons

Martial Arts

  • Leaf Manipulation, Shao Siming is able to control leaves with her hands, forming them into a particular shape, such as the Yin and Yang symbol and sending them flying to an opponent. This was demonstrated briefly in season 3 but was shown in full action in season 4 when she fought the Mohists (墨家) alongside with Da Siming and Star Wraith.


  • Life Giving, Shao Siming owns an ability to give life to dead botanic objects.

Character Information

Shao Siming, named after the Goddess of Birth, appeared in seasons 3 and 4 of Qin's Moon, but has never spoken. Little was known about her background and her face was always covered by a purple veil, but she was described as beautiful by many characters in Qin's Moon.

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