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Profile and Information

Shen Lei
Shen Lei

Name: Shen Lei
Chinese Name: 沈磊
Residence: Shanghai, China
Past Residence: Jiangsu, Yangzhou
Occupation: Actor, Voice Actor
University: Shanghai Theatre Academy


Shen Lei is an actor and voice actor from Jiangsu, Yangzhou. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1995 and is currently living in Shanghai. He won the 2001 Zuolin Dramatic Arts Award for being the best supporting actor.

Voiceover Roles

Ancient Chinese Series


  • Qin's Moon The Great Wall 秦时明月之万里长城 as Gao Jianli (2012)
  • Qin's Moon Hundred Schools of Thought 秦时明月之诸子百家 as Gao Jianli (2010)

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