Strange Tales of Liaozhai

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Series Information

Strange Tales of Liaozhai
Strange Tales of Liaozhai

Name: Strange Tales of Liaozhai
Chinese Name: 聊斋志异
Other Names: Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, Liaozhai Zhiyi, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio
Year: 2005
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Creator: Qiu Lixin
Producer: Karen Tsoi
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming, Jimmy Lin, Li Bing Bing, Rainie Yang
Related Series: The Fairies of Liaozhai, Liaozhai 2
Episode Number: 36
Genre: Supernatural, Fantasy


Strange Tales of Liaozhai are six stories out of a collection of about 500 supernatural tales from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio that was published during the Qing Dynasty.

Xiao Qian 小倩

Xiao Qian

Ning Caicheng was a messenger who got seduced by a beautiful woman called Xiao Qian, who happened to be a fox demoness that drew out men's souls while they were asleep. Ning almost had his soul sucked out but luckily, the Taoist Priest Yan Chixia saved him. Even though Ning Caicheng nearly faced death, that did not stop him from falling in love with Xiao Qian. Despite the taoist priest's warning, he attempts to learn about why she had done that and discovered that she was forced by Lao Lao, a tree demon. The tree demon decides to punish Xiao Qian for failing to obtain Ning's soul. Her punishment was to get married to a skeleton demon, Heshen Lao Yao. Ning asked Yan Chixia for help and together, they plan to crash the wedding and save Xiao Qian.


Character Actor Voice Actor
Nie Xiaoqian 聂小倩 Yang Mi 杨幂 Li Ye 李晔
Ning Caichen 宁采臣 Hu Ge 胡歌 Shen Lei 沈磊
Yan Chixia 燕赤霞 Eric Kot 葛民煇 (Unknown)
Yu Lan 玉兰 Yang Mingna 杨旻娜 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Chen Santai 陈三泰 Li Chen 季晨 (Unknown)
Bing'er 冰儿 Wu Zhimin 吴稚敏 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Xue'er 雪儿 He Qijing 何倚静 (Unknown)

Judge Lu 陆判

Judge Lu

There were four judges in the realm of the dead. One of the judges, Lu, disagreed with others as to the punishment for Bai Yang's father, who was executed for selling fake drugs. Judge Lu believed that the father was only a fool and not inherently evil. If he were smarter, he would not have fallen for the fake drug scam, which led to innocent people's death and his own. To test this theory, he and his colleague made a bet to switch the heart of a fool, Zhu Er Dan, to see if he would do good or evil with his newfound intelligence.

The smarter Zhu Erdan witnessed Bai Yang's fiancè, Zhang Xiaoman, getting attacked and killed in the woods. Instead of trying to save her, he waited till she was dead and asked Judge Lu to switch his wife's head with the beautiful Zhang Xiaoman's head. Unwilling to resign to a lose bet, Judge Lu fulfilled Zhu Erdan's request in the hope that Zhu Erdan would do good in the future. Zhang Xiaoman arrived at the realm of the dead. She refused to be reincarnated because she didn't have a head. Being such, Judge Lu banished her to the depth of hell. Bai Yang discovered his fiancè's ill fate, and with the help of Dong Yue heaven lord, he went to the realm of dead and saved his fiancè. Finally, evil got it's punishment, and good got it's reward.


Character Actor Voice Actor
Judge Lu 陆判 Li Liqun 李立群 (Unknown)
Bai Yang 白扬 Huang Xiaoming Jin feng 金锋
Zhang Xiaoman 张小曼 Hu Ke 胡可 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Zhu Erdan 朱尔旦 Bryan Wong 王禄江 Shen Lei 沈磊
Ke Shaorong 柯少容 Cutie Mui 梅小惠 (Unknown)
Judge Situ 司徒判 Xu Min 徐敏 (Unknown)

Painted Skin 画皮

Mei San Niang

One night, Wang Anxu encountered a woman that looked exactly like his decased lover. He went back home and painted her image on a canvas made out of skin. Days later, he met the woman again and took her to his den and hid her existence from his wife.

From then onwards, he'd always want to be with this woman every time he was home with his wife. Therefore, one night when he was suppose to be at home, he sneaked into the den. He had planned to surprise this woman but instead, what he found shocked him very much. She was painting her disfigured face. The woman who looked identical to his deceased lover, Mei Sanniang was in fact, his deceased lover. She died from the fire and returned to haunt him.


Character Actor Voice Actor
Mei Sanniang 梅三娘 Zeng Li 曾黎 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Wang Anxu 王安旭 Kwong Wa 江华 Zhang Xin 张欣
Chen Chuhui 陈楚慧 Joy Pan 潘仪君 Li Ye 李晔
Princess Mingxia 明霞公主 Wan Nien 万妮恩 (Unknown)
Anxu's Mother 安旭母 Luo Lan 罗兰 (Unknown)
Priest Zhang 张道士 Yue Yaoli 岳跃利 (Unknown)
Shi Yiming 史逸明 Li Fei 李飞 (Unknown)
Consort Shi 史妃 Wang Lei 王蕾 (Unknown)

Xiao Cui 小翠

Xiao Cui and Wang Yuan Feng

Wang Yuanfeng has a mental disability, and because of that he fails to find a wife, his father goes to a fox demon for help, who he saved 46 years ago during a thunderstorm. The fox demon decides to send her daughter, Xiao Cui to marry him. Desite not wanting to marry him, they still perform the ceremony. Slowly, she saw his kind nature and fell in love with him. However, because everyone around seemed to despise Yuanfeng for not being smart, Xiao Cui wanted to help him. The snake demoness tricks her into believing she had a way to make him smarter. In an attempt to rid Wang Yuanfeng from his mental disability, things go very wrong. Wang Yuanfeng returns to normal, but slowly becomes evil as well. Xiao Cui finally managed to save Yuanfeng with the Night Crystal Pearl.


Character Actor Voice Actor
Xiao Cui 小翠 Li Bing Bing 李冰冰 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Child Xiao Cui Zhang Xue Ying (Unknown)
Wang Yuanfeng 王元丰 Jimmy Lin 林志颖 (Unknown)
Snake Demoness 畲姬 Jiang Xin 蒋欣 (Unknown)
Yu Ji 虞姬 Lin Lipin 林里嫔 (Unknown)
Wang Yuanzhi 王源智 He Guilin 何贵林 (Unknown)
Wang Jinpin 王普品 Ji Qilin 姬麒麟 (Unknown)
Emperor 皇帝 Zhang Shan 张山 (Unknown)
Wang Jihong 王吉宏 Zhong Liang 钟亮 (Unknown)

A Bao 阿宝

A Bao

There was a beautiful maiden called A Bao who came from a wealthy family. One day, an ingenuous and dedicated veterinarian called Sun Zichu encountered A Bao on his way home and was so smitten with her that his spirit flew home with her. Fortunately, a Maoshan taoist priest saved his spirit. Days later, Sun met A Bao again. They spent a whole day together and fell in love. They agreed to meet the next day. However, when next day arrived, A Bao forgot everything about Sun. Sun looked into the reason and found out that A Bao has a strange condition where all her memories would be wiped away after she fell asleep.

The truth was A Bao's memory loss was actually a curse placed on her by Chai Shaoan, a man A Bao once rejected. He was so jealous and furious that A Bao chose Sun over him, that he was determined to sabotage her happiness. Not only did he lay the curse, he also kidnapped her. Luckily, A Bao's loyal parrot alerted Sun. He and Maoshan taoist priest broke the curse and rescued her from Chai's control. With this ordeal behind them, Sun proposed marriage to A Bao.

Chai, again, tried to sabotage by putting a death curse on Sun, who immediately died of sudden illness. The grief stricken A Bao committed suicide there after. When they both arrived at the realm of the dead, they begged the god of the dead to show them justice for their untimely death.


Character Actor Voice Actor
Zhao A Bao 赵阿宝 Rainie Yang 杨丞琳 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Sun Zi Chu 孙子楚 Yuan Hong (Unknown)
Chai Shao An 柴少安 Cheung Tat Ming 张达明 (Unknown)
Granny Miao 苗奶奶 Cheng Pei Pei 郑佩佩 (Unknown)
Lu Ben Shan 陆本善 Ma Zhongde 马忠德 (Unknown)
Gao Jun Ning 高俊宁 Liao Qiuwan 廖秋万 (Unknown)
Xiao Rong 小蓉 Zhou Lan 周岚 (Unknown)

Xiao Xie and Qiu Rong 小谢与秋容

Tao Wang San and Xiao Xie

Tao Wangsan is all about shortcuts in his life. If the easiest way to become rich was marry a rich girl, that's what he'd do, even if he must live in a haunted house. Severed heads, ghosting pranks or flying furnitures are not going to scare him away. This determination of his even persuaded the resident ghosts, Xiao Xue and Qio Rong in letting him stay in their domain.

For a short time, they live together in peace, helping each other out, but peace does not last when Qiu Rong regains the memory of her death. Qiu Rong's lover was the great-granddaughter of the rich woman Tao is courting. Qiu Rong said that because their love wasn't accepted by the society, they decided to commit suicide, yet the man totally betrayed her and lived. After over a hundred years of forgotten memory, Qiu Rong finally recalls the source of her hatred and why she's trapped in the living realm.


Character Actor Voice Actor
Tao Wangsan 陶望三 TAE Shen Lei 沈磊
Qiu Rong 秋容 Huo Siyan 霍思燕 Li Ye 李晔
Xiao Xie 小谢 Leila Tong 唐宁 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Jiang Qian Qian 姜芊芊 Margaret Lin 林立雯 (Unknown)
Priest Tian 田道士 Li Nan 李楠 (Unknown)
Minister Jiang 姜侍郎 Hai Bo 海波 (Unknown)

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