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Profile and Information

Sun Ye
Sun Ye

Name: Sun Ye
Chinese Name: 孙晔
English Name: Gary
Residence: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Voice Actor
University: Shanghai Theatrical Institute Puppet Theater
Representative Works: Qin's Moon, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Xuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend - Rift of the Sky


Sun Ye is a voice actor who graduated from the Shanghai Theatrical Institute Puppet Theater. and currently lives in Shanghai. He has many different voices and can change according to the character's personality. He has also done a lot of commercials.

Voiceover Roles

Ancient Chinese Series


  • Qin's Moon The Great Wall 秦时明月之万里长城 as Meng Tian (2012)
  • Qin's Moon Hundred Schools of Thought 秦时明月之诸子百家 as Meng Tian, Jing Ke and Mohist Leader (2010)

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