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Series Information

Swordsman 2013
Swordsman 2013

Name: Swordsman
Chinese Name: 笑傲江湖
Other Names: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, The Smiling Proud Wanderer, State of Divinity, Laughing in the Wind
Year: 2013
Production Company: Cathay Audiovisual Global Media Group Co., Ltd
Country: Mainland China
Director: Hu Yijuan
Producer: Yu Zheng
Main Actors: Wallace Huo, Joe Chen, Yuan Shan Shan, Yang Rong, Chen Xiao, Han Dong
Similar Series: Demi Gods and Semi Devils, Legend of the Condor Heroes
Release Date: 2013-02-06
Episode Number: 42 or 56, episodes varied depending on if it was on DVD or broadcasted on TV
Genre: Wuxia, Romance
Original Author: Jin Yong



Swordsman is the 2013 adaptation of Jin Yong's Wuxia novel, The Smiling Proud Wanderer. The story is about love, friendship, deception and betrayal, as well as different sects' ambitions and lust for power, showing some of the misconceptions of demonic cults and orthodox sects, questioning which ones are truly evil. Amidst all this is the protagonist, Linghu Chong, an orphan who was raised under the Mt. Hua sect, and is the senior student of Yue Buqun and Ning Ning Zhongze. Linghu Chong's journey uncovers his development as a swordsman. During this time, he witnessed many various intrigues that took place in the pugilistic world.


The Jianghu views the Sun Moon Holy Cult as a demonic cult, and because of their differences, the Five Mountain Alliance Sect joined forces to try and rid everyone in the cult. During this time, the intelligent and powerful Dongfang Bubai sets up a plot to lure out Ren Woxing, the Leader of Sun Moon Holy Cult. He had been secluded, learning martial arts. Her plan was to obtain his position. To achieve this, she kills Xue Xin, Ren Woxing's wife and framed the Mount Song Sect, which lead Ren Woxing to battle with the Leader of Mount Song, Zuo Lengchan. Both parities get injured and vow to fight each other again.

Dongfang Bubai finds an opportunity to strike Ren Woxing, sending him crazy and locking him away, then taking the position of Leader. Meanwhile, Ren Yingying, who was still a child, decides to give her the Sunflower Manual. This made Dongfang Bubai extremely happy and gives her the position of Shenggu.

Meanwhile in Mount Hua Sect, Linghu Chong is a very cheerful, lively and righteous person. However, he's also very mischievous and often sends his teachers crazy by playing tricks on him. Together with his Little Junior, Yue Lingshan and Junior Brother, Lu Hou, they often find ways to avoid punishment and sneak down the mountains to play.

One day, Linghu Chong offends the Qingcheng Sect which he had to pay a visit to apologise. There, he discovers that they're plotting against the Lin family for their Bixie Swordplay Manual. The Lin family had already retired and was sailing away when Yu Canghai, the Leader of Qingcheng Sect decides to attack the Lin's. Luckily, Lingshan and her Senior was able to help and they manage to save Lin Pingzhi. However, his father had already been taken hostage, most likely to be forced to give them information about the manual.

This fierce fight for the manual begins, and soon, Linghu Chong encounters all kinds of people, who ultimately show that things are not as black and white as they make it to be. Those from the so-called orthodox sect may do things that are more evil than those known as the Demonic Cult. This journey of love and hate, gratitude and emnity begins.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Linghu Chong 令狐冲 Wallace Huo 霍建华 Jiang Bian 边江
Dongfang Bubai 东方不败 Joe Chen 陈乔恩 Ji Guanlin 季冠霖
Ren Yingying 任盈盈 Yuan Shan Shan 袁姗姗 Qiao Shiyu 乔诗语
Lin Pingzhi 林平之 Chen Xiao 陈晓 Zhang Jie 张杰
Yue Lingshan 岳灵珊 Yang Rong 杨蓉 Liu Lu 刘露
Yang Lianting 杨莲亭 Wallace Huo 霍建华 Wallace Huo 霍建华
Xue Xin 雪心 Yuan Shan Shan 袁姗姗 Qiao Shiyu 乔诗语
Yue Buqun 岳不群 Howie Huang 黄文豪 (Unknown)
Ren Woxing 任我行 Hei Zi 黑子 Lu Kui 陆揆
Ning Zhongze 宁中则 Yang Mingna 杨明娜 Zhang Kai 张凯
Yi Lin 仪琳 Deng Sha 邓莎 Bai Xue 白雪
Tian Boguang 田伯光 Han Dong 韩栋 Zhang Zhen 张震
Blue Phoenix 蓝凤凰 Lv Jiarong 吕佳容 Qiu Qiu 邱秋
Feng Qingyang 风清扬 Liang Jiaren 梁家仁 (Unknown)
Lu Dayou 陆大有 Zhang Zhuowen 张倬闻 (Unknown)
Lao Denuo 劳德诺 Cheng Cheng 程诚 Baomu Zhong Yang 宝木中阳
Xiang Wentian 向问天 Sun Binhao 孙彬皓 (Unknown)
Old Man 老头子 Xie Ning 谢宁 (Unknown)
Zu Qianqiu 祖千秋 Shen Baoping 沈保平 (Unknown)
Yu Canghai 余沧海 Li Yaojing 李耀敬 Wu Lingyun 吴凌云
Abbess Dingyi 定逸师太 He Jiayi 何佳怡 (Unknown)
Zuo Lengchan 左冷禅 Hu Dong 胡东 (Unknown)
Ping Yizhi 平一指 Wang Renjun 王仁君 Yan Ming 严明
Liu Zhengfeng 刘正风 Huo Zhengyan 霍政谚 (Unknown)
Madame Liu 刘夫人 Zhou Muyin 周牧茵 (Unknown)
Qu Yang 曲洋 Zong Fengyan 宗峰岩 (Unknown)
Lin Zhennan 林震南 Kou Zhenhai 寇振海 Xuan Xiaoming 宣晓鸣
Madame Lin 林夫人 Bai Shan 白珊 Hao Youyue 郝幽玥
Dugu Qiubai 独孤求败 Huang Haibing 黄海冰 (Unknown)
Lv Zhuweng 绿竹翁 Dicky Cheung 张卫健 Xu Min 徐敏
Hei Baizi 黑白子 Zhao Liang 赵亮 (Unknown)
Huang Zhonggong 黄钟公 Wang Jianxin 王建新 (Unknown)
Dan Qingsheng 丹青生 Ren Quan 任泉 (Unknown)
Tubi Weng 秃笔翁 Bao Bei'er 包贝尔 (Unknown)
Yu Niang 玉娘 Hai Lu 海陆 Tang Xiaoxi 唐小喜

Production Credits

  • Creators: Pu Shulin, Ren Quan, Yu Zheng, Wan Ke, Zheng Gang
  • Producer: Yu Zheng
  • Directors: Hu Yijuan, Huang Junwen (main) Lin Jinnuo, Lin Jinxi (assistant directors)

Main Songs

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