The Holy Pearl

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Series Information

The Holy Pearl
The Holy Pearl

Name: The Holy Pearl
Chinese Name: 女娲传说之灵珠
Other Names: Nu Wa Chuan Shuo Zhi Ling Zhu, Holy Pearl
Year: 2010
Production Company: Beijing Lafeng Entertainment Investment Co.,Ltd
Country: Mainland China
Director: Caijing Sheng
Producer: Chen Chunxia
Main Actors: Gillian Chung, Purba Rgyal, Patrick Tam, Guo Zhenni, Jiang Yi, Liu Tingyu
Adaptation of: Inuyasha (Rumiko Takahashi)
Similar Series: Chinese Paladin 3, Chinese Paladin, Xuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend - Rift of the Sky
Release Date: 2011-01-17
Episode Number: 32
Genre: Fantasy, Mythology, Romance, Time Travel



An college student Dingyao accidentally travels back in time, only to find that she was the reincarnation of the former Grand Priestess Xianyue who died by the hands of a half-breed demons Wentian, who in turn claims that it was in fact the former Grand Priestess that tried to kill him. To unravel the mystery behind this misunderstanding, as well as find the holy pearls to rebuild a powerful vase she accidentally broke, Dingyao embark on a journey with Wentian. Through this journey, they would find out about the past misunderstandings and present dangers, as well as how much they would come to mean to each other.


Long ago, the sky was broken in a fight between two gods, and all monsters took the opportunity to take over the world. The goddess Nuwa used Rainbow Stones she found all over the world to mend the sky, and with the help of four creatures (the Dragon, the Snake, the Rhino, and the Kirin) she subdued all the monsters, bringing peace to the land. The twelve left over Rainbow Stones were made into the Demon Subduing Vase. After this, Nuwa brought the four creatures that helped her to Heaven, but the Dragon, still seeing evil on Earth, asked to return. So the Dragon, along with her friend, the Snake, returned to Earth with the Demon Subduing Vase and reincarnated into Xianyue and Moyin.

Xianyue along with Moyin guided Nanyue kingdom into prosperity as the Grand Priestess. However, when a new emperor, Rongdi, saw Xianyue, he demanded to marry her. Xianyue leaves the Grand Priestess position to Moyin before escaping into the forbidden grounds of the Ancient Cave. Moyin falls in love Rongdi, but because no matter what she does Rongdi still can't forget Xianyue, Moyin's jealousy developed into hatred.

Dingyao was a modern college student who often had the same nightmare. A girl who looked exactly like her was waiting for someone, but was suddenly attacked by the very person she was waiting for. One day, she was looking around her father's archaeological findings of an ancient kingdom of Nanyue when she accidentally activated the Nine-Star Wheel. The Wheel took her back three thousand years to the nation of Nanyue. She was then captured by guards and shown to the Grand Priestess Moyin. Surprised by Dingyao's resemblance to Xianyue, Moyin attempts to kill her under the crime of entering forbidden grounds. She is stopped just in time by Emperor Rongdi, who, after seeing Dingyao, transfers his infatuation with Xianyue to Dingyao and, after realizing Dingyao is Xianyue reincarnated, insists on marrying her.

Not wanting to marry a stranger, Dingyao escapes during the night, only to be harassed by demons who mistake her for Xianyue and insist on her giving up the Demon Subduing Vase. After escaping to the Ancient Cave, she meets the half-breed demon, Wentian, who was sealed there. Wentian, also mistaking her as Xianyue, angrily asks Dingyao why did she wanted to kill him, and, with the betrayal of his love and years of imprisonment in his mind, refuses to listen to Dingyao's explanations. At this time, the Demon Subduing Vase appears to protect Dingyao from an enraged Wentian, and all kinds of monsters show up, wanting to seize the treasure. In the chaos, Dingyao accidentally breaks the vase. The vase breaks down into the twelve pearls and flew out of the caves.

In order to reverse the damage she's done and rebuild the Demon Subduing Vase, Dingyao decides to travel across the land in search of the the pearls. Wentian, wanting to find out what lead to the strange fall out between him and Xianyue, joined Dingyao in her journey.

In their journey they gradually reveal the plots of Shi Youming and Moyin, as well as resolve the antagonistic relationship between Wentian and his full-breed brother Wudao. Through the development of the different kinds of relationship between Xianyue, Moyin and Rongdi, between Yudie, Mulian and Wudao, and between Xianyue, Dingyao and Wentian, the character goes through various trials finds their true purpose in the fight against evil.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Ding Yao 丁瑶 Gillian Chung 钟欣桐 Ji Guanlin 季冠霖
Xian Yue 仙乐 Gillian Chung 钟欣桐 Ji Guanlin 季冠霖
Wen Tian 问天 Purba Rgyal 蒲巴甲 Wang Kai 王凯
Emperor Rongdi 荣狄王 Patrick Tam 谭耀文 Huang Xiaoyan 黄笑嬿
Mo Yin 魔音 Liu Tingyu 刘庭羽 Jin Yan 金雁
Mulian 慕莲 Guo Zhenni 郭珍霓 Ji Yuan 纪元
Shi Youming 时幽冥 Sun Xin 孙兴 Li Lihong 李立宏
Wudao 无道 Jiang Yi 蒋毅 Chen Hao 陈浩
Yudie 雨蝶 Li Qian 李倩 Bai Xue 白雪
Wei Liao 卫辽 TAE Jiang Guangtao 姜广涛
Ting Qin 听琴 Zhu Ziwen 朱紫汶 Bai Xue 白雪
Hu Ji 胡姬 Liu Naping 刘娜萍 Li Shirong 李世荣
Princess Fenghuang 凤凰公主 Chen Jiaxin 陈佳欣 Yan Mengmeng 阎萌萌
Goddess Nuwa 女娲娘娘 Deng Ying 邓英 Li Shirong 李世荣

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