The Legendary Prime Minister – Zhuge Liang

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Series Information

Three Kingdoms
Title Poster

Genre: Historical, Wuxia
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Episode Number: 40
Broadcast network: ATV
Related Series: Romance of the three Kingdoms 1993, Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang (TV)
Main Actors: Adam Cheng, Michelle Yim
Location: Hong Kong


The series not only incorporates stories about Zhuge Liang from Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but also includes some elements of wuxia and a fictional romance between Zhuge Liang and Xiaoqiao (Cantonese: Siu-kiu).

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Production Credits

  • Screenwriters: Mak Sau-yee, Cheng Gam-fuk, Cho Wai-leung, Tam Wai-sing, Poon Kin-gung, Yu Hon-wing
  • Directors: Lee Lik-chi, Tang Chi-kit, Leung Heung-lan, Leung Chi-kin, Keung Ming-hoi, Tam Bei-tak
  • Producer: Lau Ka-ho
  • Opening Theme: Bat Tsan To (八陣圖) performed by Adam Cheng

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