The Mischievous Princess

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Series Information

The Mischievous Princess

Name: The Mischievous Princess
Chinese Name: 刁蛮公主
Other Names: Diao Man Gong Zhu, My Bratty Princess
Year: 2004
Production Company: Guangdong Star Film Company Limited
Country: Mainland China
Main Actors: Jang Nara, Alec Su, Lv Xing, Bao Lei, Florence Tan, Gao Lu
Broadcast period: 2005
Related series: Unruly Qiao (Spinoff)
Episode Number: 33
Genre: Romance, comedy


Situ Jing, the mischievous and high-spirited daughter of General, adviser to the Emperor loves to go on a series of adventures with her companion, A Lian. In order to protect the reputation of her family, she often dresses up as a man and calls herself Xiao Long Xia, which means little lobster. She's concerned about the plight of the refugees and frustrated that these officials have simply ignored them, so she came up with various tricks to help them.

Emperor Zhu Yun had worked steadily on consolidating the empire which his father left him. Meanwhile, his Concubine is doing absolutely nothing but burdening him with her vanity and meanness to others. One day, a monk gave him the Nine Linked Rings puzzle and said that whoever was able to solve it could help him with his troubles of the empire. He takes a day and leaves the palace, wandering on the street and befriends Xiao Long Xia after realising that she had stolen money to help the refugees. When Xiao Long Xia solves the puzzle by breaking it in half, he decides to maintain a close relationship with her, feeling that she was unique in the way she handled situations.

Meanwhile, the King of Yunnan's sister was the former Queen from the last dynasty. She died drinking poison when her empire was attacked. Little did Xiao Long Xia realise, she was actually her daughter, the former princess of the Empire. At the same time, King of Yunnan's son, Bai Yunfei was also betrothed to Princess An Ning, Emperor Zhu Yun's sister.

An unlikely friendship develops between Emperor Zhu Yun, Xiao Long Xia and Bai Yufei, each pretending to be someone else and nobody realising the true identity of the other. Palace and court intrigues, rebellion and assasination plots abound.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Situ Jing 司徒静 Jang Nara 张娜拉 Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Empress Bai 白皇后 Jang Nara 张娜拉 Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Emperor Zhu Yun 朱允 Alec Su 苏有朋 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Bai Yunfei 白云飞 Lv Xing 吕行 Jin Feng 金锋
Princess An Ning 安宁公主 Bao Lei 鲍蕾 (Unknown)
Wen Mei'er 文媚儿 Florence Tan 陈秀丽 Wang Jingwen 王静文
Wen Qiang 文蔷 Gao Lu 高露 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Situ Jiannan 司徒剑南 Lin Jiangguo 林江国 Zhai Wei 翟巍
Jing Xiu 静修 Catherine Hung 洪欣 Jiang Yuling 姜玉玲
Wen Zhang 文章 Wang Gang 王岗 Zhang Xin 张欣
Situ Qing Yun 司徒青云 Wang Dao 王道 Wang Xiaobing 王肖兵
Madame Situ 司徒夫人 Zhu Yaying 朱亚英 Jiang Yuling 姜玉玲
Yu'er 雨儿 Jiang Siying 江思莹 Lin Jing 林静
A Lian 阿莲 Jung Jae Yun 郑在娟 Hong Haitian 洪海天
Empress Dowager 太后 Gu Yongfei 顾咏菲 Wang Jianxin 王建新
Chen Lin 陈林 Chen Jiming 陈继铭 Zhang Xin 张欣
Wan Rendi 万人敌 Zhang Liwei 张立威 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Wen Tao 文韬 Zhong Liang 钟亮 Xia Lei 夏磊
Liang Junzhuo 梁君卓 Tian Zhong 田重 Tao Hai 陶海
Qiu Xin 秋心 Ma Dongdong 马冬冬 Huang Xiaoyan 黄笑嬿
A Qi 阿琪 Li Yawen 李亚文 Hong Haitian 洪海天
King of Yunnan 云南王 Kou Zhenhai 寇振海 Zhao Yi'ou 赵屹鸥

Production Credits

  • Creator: Deng Jianguo
  • Director: Lai Shuiqing
  • Screenwriter: Ma Zhiquan

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