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Series Information

The Myth
The Myth

Name: The Myth
Chinese Name: 神话
Other Names: Shen Hua
Year: 2005
Production Company: Emperor Culture Development Co., Ltd
Country: Mainland China
Producer: Jackie Chan
Director: Jeffrey Chiang
Screenwriter: Li Haishu
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Michelle Bai, Zhang Meng, Ren Quan, Zhang Shi, Tan Kai
Related Movie: The Myth
Release Date: 2010-01-02
Episode Number: 50
Genre: Time Travel, Historical, Romance, Martial Arts


Yi Xiaochuan finds a tiger pendant by coincidence and the pendant sears a mark onto his chest when he wears it on his neck. Meanwhile, Xiaochuan's elder brother, Yi Dachuan, discovers a 2,000-year-old treasure box at an excavation site. Xiaochuan unlocks the box with his pendant and opens a time portal by accident. Unknown to everyone else, he is transported back in time to the Qin Dynasty together with Gao Yao, his girlfriend's brother.

Back in history, Xiaochuan meets the historical figures Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, and becomes sworn brothers with them. He encounters the Qin general Meng Tian, who mistakes him for his long-lost younger brother Meng Yi, because the mark of the pendant belongs to only members of the Meng clan. Xiaochuan also meets Princess Yushu of the tribal kingdom Tu'an, and she becomes the new love of his life. However, the lovers are unable to be together, as Yushu has become the Qin emperor's concubine in exchange for peace between the Qin Empire and Tu'an. Xiaochuan is unwilling to give up and he meets Yushu in secret inside the palace.

On the other hand, Gao Yao is separated from Xiaochuan and sent to the palace, where he is forcefully castrated and becomes a eunuch. After enduring humiliation and bullying, he wins the favour of the emperor through his excellent culinary skills and becomes a high-ranking official. He is renamed to "Zhao Gao" and starts abusing his authority by seeking vengeance on those he perceived to be responsible for his plight. Zhao Gao is gradually corrupted by power and turns against his old buddy Xiaochuan, whom he sees as a threat to his plans for dominating the Qin Empire.

In the present-day, Dachuan, Gao Lan (Xiaochuan's girlfriend), and Dachuan's parents, work closely together to open the treasure box. Following clues from the box's engravings and a map, they need to embark on a treasure hunt to find the five secret keys to unlock the box. However, a mysterious masked man in black is also after the box's contents and he sends his henchmen to harass them.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Yi Xiaochuan 易小川 (Meng Yi 蒙毅) Hu Ge 胡歌 Hu Ge 胡歌
Gao Yao 高要 (Zhao Gao 赵高) Zhang Shi 张世 Zhang Shi 张世
Yu Shu 玉漱 Michelle Bai 白冰 Zhang Anqi 张安琪
Xiao Yue 小月 (Consort Yu 虞姬) Zhang Meng 张萌 Jiang Yuan 江元
Gao Lan 高岚 Zhang Meng 张萌 Hong Haitian 洪海天
Liu Bang 刘邦 Li Yixiang 李易祥 Zhang Xin 张欣
Yi Dachuan 易大川 Ren Quan 任泉 Wu Lei 吴磊
Lv Zhi 吕雉 Chen Zihan 陈紫函 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Lv Su 吕素 Jinsha 金莎 Zhan Jia 詹佳
Xiang Yu 项羽 Tan Kai 谭凯 Tan Kai 谭凯
Meng Tian 蒙恬 Allen Ting 丁子峻 Gui Nan 桂楠
Director Yi 易所长 Xu Min 徐敏 Cheng Yuzhu 程玉珠
Mrs. Yi 易妈妈 Xu Di 许娣 Jiang Yuling 姜玉玲
Cui Wenzi 崔文子 Yang Shutian 杨树田 Wang Xiaobing 王肖兵
Li You 李由 Shi Tianshuo 石天硕 Yang Haiyin 杨海音
General Jin 金将军 Yi Zhen 一真 Zhai Wei 翟巍
Luo La 罗拉 Zhao Cong 赵聪 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Pang Fujiang 庞副将 Liu Dong 刘冬 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Lv Gong 吕公 Chen Qiguo 陈启国 Ni Kang 倪康
Li Si 李斯 Liu Xiaoxi 刘小溪 Hu Pingzhi 胡平智
Gao Jianli 高渐离 Zhang Wei 张卫 Cheng Yuzhu 程玉珠
Fu Su 扶苏 Ma Wenlong 马文龙 Yang Haiyin 杨海音
Emperor Qin Shi Huang 秦始皇 Zang Jinsheng 臧金生 Liu Feng 刘风
Fan Zeng 范增 Zhou Yemang 周野芒 Gui Nan 桂楠
Empress of Tu'an 图安王后 Wang Zhixia 王之夏 Zhang Hui 张惠

Production Credits

  • Creators: Ren Zhonglun, Yang Shoucheng, Li Guoxing, Cheng Guoning
  • Producer: Jackie Chan
  • Directors: Jeffrey Chiang
  • Screenwriters: Li Haishu, Huang Yanwei

Main Songs

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