The Young Warriors

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Series Information

The Young Warriors
The Young Warriors

Name: The Young Warriors
Chinese Name: 少年杨家将
Other Names: Young Warriors of the Yang Clan, Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang
Year: 2006
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Director: Li Guoli
Producer: Karen Tsoi
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Peter Ho, Chen Long, Eddie Peng, Weng Jiaming, Amy Chan
Release Date: 2007-03-10
Episode Number: 43
Genre: Historical, Period


The Young Warriors is about the legendary Yang Clan during the Song Dynasty who defended Song's borders from foreign invaders. This series focuses on their earlier days before most of them became soldiers. It tells the story about how their parents, enemies and those they loved shaped their characters, influeneced their lives and motivated them to become the patriotic warriors their clan is revered for.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Yang Yanzhao 杨延昭 (Liulang) Hu Ge 胡歌 Hu Ge 胡歌
Yang Yanhui 杨延辉 (Silang) Peter Ho 何润东 Shen Lei 沈磊
Yang Yande 杨延德 (Wulang) Chen Long 陈龙 Xia Lei 夏磊
Yang Yansi 杨延嗣 (Qilang) Eddie Peng 彭于晏 Xie Tiantian 谢添天
Yang Ye 杨业 Weng Jiaming 翁家明 Zhang Xin 张欣
She Saihua 佘赛花 Amy Chan 陈秀雯 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Yelv Xie 耶律斜 Yuan Hong 袁弘 Shen Lei 沈磊
Luoshi Nv 四娘罗氏女 Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Guan Hong 五娘关红 Wei Xiaojun 魏小军 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Princess Chai 六娘柴郡主 Lin Jiayu 林家宇 Li Ye 李晔
Dujin E 七娘杜金娥 Liu Xiaojie 刘晓洁 Hong Haitian 洪海天
Yang Bamei 杨八妹 Zhao Zicun 赵梓存 Huang Yiqing 黄怡晴
Pan Ying 潘影 Tong Yao 童瑶 Feng Junhua 冯骏骅
Princess Yinjing 银镜公主 Wu Jiani 吴佳妮 (Unknown)
Pan Renmei 潘仁美 Deng Limin 邓立民 Li Chuanying 李传缨

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