Treasure Venture

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Series Information

Treasure Venture
Treasure Venture

Name: Treasure Venture
Chinese Name: 侠女闯天关
Other Names: The Adventures of the Swordgirl, Xia Nv Chuang Tian Guan, Swordgirl
Year: 2000
Production Company: Shanghai Yongle Entertainment Group
Country: Mainland China
Director: Zhu Yanping
Screenwriter: Jiang Peiling
Main Actors: Vicki Zhao, Nicky Wu, Cao Jun, Hao Shaowen, Gu Baoming, Lin Jianhuan, Liu Zi
Episode Number: 30 (originally 31 but condensed in the VCD version)
Genre: Wuxia, Romance



During the late Ming Dynasty, Emperor Shenzon sent Prince Cheng and Lu Dingwen, a courtier to the tomb of the founding Emperor of Ming Dynasty to retrieve the Divine Book of the Supreme Counselor, which was said to have records of secrets to effectively govern the nation. They had a battle with the Japanese assassins, who also wanted the book and followed them into the tomb. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. Then Prince Cheng suddenly turned on Lu Dingwen and attempted to kill him. Fortunately, Lin Jili, a grave robber who also sneaked into the tomb, lent a hand and saved Dingwen. After coming out of the tomb safely, they made an agreement to have their children either wed each other or become sworn siblings when they grew up.

Eighteen years later, Dingwen's only daughter Lu Jianpinghad grown into a cheerful tomboy who loved to disguise herself as a man, uphold justice and pretend she knew martial arts. One day with the help of her caretaker Wuma, she drove away hooligans who were bullying a young scholar named Shui Ruohan, who was actually an assassin working for East Yard, the Emperor's secret police agency. She also made the acquaintance of two young monks, Xiaolong and Xiaofu, and Prince Zhu Yulong, who was pretending to be a commoner. The four of them became very good friends.

To everyone's surprise, the Emperor issued a decree, ordering Jianping to wed the second eldest prince. Unaware that Zhu Yulong was the prince himself and having always entertained ill feelings against the nobility anyway, Jianping decided to flee to the Shaolong Temple together with Wuma. Though heartbroken, Yulong wanted to win her heart with his devotion, thus decided to go to the Shaolin Temple with her. On the way, they met Ruohan, who was trying to find the whereabouts of the tomb key, which he believed the Lu family possessed. They convinced Ruohan to go to the Shaolin Temple with them, and they became apprentices there. A close friendship was established between them.

Cao Youxiang, the chief eunuch in charge secretly wanted the tomb key himself, therefore made an excuse to capture Lu Dingwen and sentence him to death, to lure Lu Jianping out. His true purpose was to obtain the Divine Book. With many people's eyes set on the book and identities hidden, their journey of love, forgiveness and learning about themselves and each other begins.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Shui Ruohan 水若寒 Nicky Wu 吴奇隆 Qu Zhongheng 屈中恒
Lu Jianping 陆剑萍 Vicki Zhao 赵薇 Vicki Zhao 赵薇
Bai Xuezi/Bai Ruixue 雪子(白瑞雪) Liu Zi 刘孜 Yao Minmin 姚敏敏
Zhu Yulong 朱玉龍 Lin Jianhuan 林健寰 Chen Jinyi 陳進益
Shi Xiaolong 释小龙 Cao Jun 曹骏 (Unknown)
Shi Xiaofu 释小福 Hao Shaowen 郝邵文 (Unknown)
Cao Youxiang 曹佑祥 Liu Xun 刘洵 Hong Ming 洪明
Song Yinniang 宋隱娘 Lin Fangbing 林芳兵 Cui Guofu 崔幗夫
Wuma 武妈 Gu Baoming 顾宝明 Gu Baoming 顾宝明
Lu Dingwen 陆鼎文 Li Baoan 李保安 (Unknown)
Du Huixin 杜慧心 Vicki Zhao 赵薇 Cui Guofu 崔幗夫
Senior Wuji 无极师兄 Zhang Liwei 张立威 Zhang Liwei 张立威

Production Credits

  • Costume and Makeup: Chen Jiayi
  • Directors: Zhu Yianping, Li Huimin and Lin Helong (main director), Cheng Xiaodong (action director), Zhang Dai (artistic director)

Main Characters

Shui Ruohan - A professional assassin, age 25, known as the Jade Flute Master, worked for the East Yard --the emperor's secret police agency. As an orphan adopted by Cao Youxiang, Ruohan was fiercely loyal to his adoptive father. At the age of ten, he was sent to Japan to be trained as an assassin. Chilly and melancholy most of the time, he was aware that as a hit man, he could never be free to love anyone. However, he fell in love with Lu Jianping when working as an undercover agent in her house with an eye to stealing a key to the emperor's tomb, which he believed her family to possess. Unfortunately, because Jianping and his adoptive father were from opposing camps, he would later be forced to have a confrontation with her.

Lu Jianping - The only daughter of the Secretary of Defense, aged 18, was a pretty and spirited girl. She was bold and optimistic by nature and always cheerful. Nothing seemed to bother her for too long. Since she was brought up as a boy, she was very active and liked to dress herself as a man. When her father was put in jail, she sought shelter in the Shaolin Temple and managed to greatly improve her martial arts skills. However, she fell in love with Ruohan, who was her enemy. Eventually, she would be forced to confront him.

Zhu Yulong - A royal prince, the second eldest son of the emperor, liked to walk among the public as a commoner. A handsome and suave young man, he made the acquaintance of Jianping in a tavern and was drawn by her straightforwardness and free spirit. When finding that Jianping was actually a girl, he was so pleased with this that he immediately asked his father, the emperor, to make her his wife. It turned out that Jianping escaped because she wasn't interested in becoming a royal princess, unaware that Yulong was the prince himself. Feeling humiliated and heartbroken, the prince decided to run away with her and do his best to protect her along the way.

Bai Ruixue - Ruohan's fellow apprentice, known as Lady Scorpion and was also a Japanese assassin. They had trained together since they were young and Ruixue had always cared for Ruohan. To her disappointment, Ruohan viewed her as nothing more than a sister and rejected her affection. When she found that Ruohan fell in love with Jianping, out of jealousy, she tried to kill Jianping to win her love back.

Wuma - Though being a man, he was Jianping's caretaker and bodyguard. Fun-loving, easy-going but always loving and thoughtful, he was like another parent for Jianping. As a martial arts master, he always tried his best to shield Jianping from harm.

Song Yinniang - She was a middle-aged woman who collected leftovers in the Shaolin Temple. Haughty, rude, reclusive, and short-tempered, she often fought with people over trivial things. However, she seemed to have a special affection for Xiaolong.

Xiaolong - Abandoned as a baby at the gate of the Shaolin Temple, he was brought up as a monk. Though still at a tender age, he was very mature and talked like an adult. He showed that he had a gift for martial arts and was a fast learner.

Xiaofu - Xiaolong's fellow apprentice and a cheerful boy, he was sent to the Shaolin Temple to be a monk when he was young because his parents were too poor to feed him. His favorite pastime was eating, so he was visibly overweight. However, he had a gift for the practice of medicine and was often able to cure patients after trial and error.

Cao Youxiang - Cold-hearted and ruthless, the chief eunuch was the head of the East Yard, the royal secret police agency. In order to obtain the three star-shaped keys to the tomb of the founding emperor, he would do anything and kill anyone in his way.

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