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Profile and Information

Wallace Huo
Wallace Huo

Name: Huo Jianhua
Chinese Name: 霍建华
English Name: Wallace Huo
Nicknames: Huo Huo, Hua-ge, Chong-ge, Huo Xiaodai, Bai Doufu (White Tofu), Huo Jiaoshou
Nationality: Chinese
Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan
Birthdate: 1979-12-26
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Representative Works: Chinese Paladin 3, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, Swordsman 2013, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine
Height: 177cm
Blood Type: B
Chinese Zodiac: Sheep
Zodiac: Capricorn
Favorite Pets: Dogs, cats (his pet cat is called Gougou, gou=dog)
Favorite Location: Sydney, Australia
Pet Peeves: Being hung up on the phone


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