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Profile and Information

Name: Qiao Feng / Xiao Feng (Birth name)
Fictive: Yes
Original Author: Jin Yong
Appearance: Tian Long Ba Bu
Family: Xiao Yuanshan (Father), Qiao Sanhuai (Adoptive Father)
Era: Song Dynasty
Birthplace: Not specified
Organisations: Beggars Sect


Xiao Feng is the extremely powerful leader of Beggar Sect and is perhaps the most powerful person of all time. He is known for the 18 dragon subduing palm technique, which was extremely fierce and dangerous. He was called "Qiao Feng" before his true origin of being a Khidan was revealed to him and others. Being a Khidan he becomes an outcast to the Han wulin. Qiao Feng leaves and searches for his true identity together with A Zhu. Because of major blunder he kills A Zhu by accident. (He believes Duan Zhengchun (A'zhu's father) is responsible for killing his parents). He leaves Song territory together with A'zi, A'zhu's younger sister, whom he had promised to take care of. Xiao Feng wanders into Liao territory, where he becomes a powerful noble after forging a strong friendship with the ruler, Yelü Hongji. When Yelü Hongji decides to invade Song, Xiao Feng attempts to dissuade him as he still values his past relations with the Han Chinese. Ultimately, Xiao Feng commits suicide to prevent war between Song and Liao after taking Yelü Hongji hostage and making him swear that he will never invade Song for as long as he lives.

In Television



Skills and Weapons

  • 18 dragon subduing palm technique (More here)
  • Weapons: Dog Beating Stick


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