Xie Tiantian

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Profile and Information

Xie Tiantian
Xie Tiantian

Name: Xie Tiantian
Chinese Name: 谢添天
English Name: Titan Shay
Date of Birth: 1982-10-09
Residence: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Voice Actor
University: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Representative Works: The Mischievous Princess, Chinese Paladin, Qin's Moon, Unruly Qiao Physician
Blood Type: A
Star Sign: Libra


Xie Tiantian is a voice actor who graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2001. He currently resides in Shanghai and is married to voice actress Feng Junhua.

Voiceover Roles

Ancient Chinese Series


  • Qin's Moon 秦时明月 as Wei Zhuang, Ying Zheng (S1, partial), Gao Jianli, White Phoenix (S2), White Phoenix, Zhao Gao (S4) (2007-2013)

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