Xuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend - Rift of the Sky

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Series Information

Xuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend - Rift of the Sky
Xuan Yuan Sword

Name: Xuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend - Rift of the Sky
Chinese Name: 轩辕剑之天之痕
Other Names: Xuan Yuan Sword 3 - Scar of the Sky, Scar of Heaven, Xuan Yuan Jian Zhi Tian Zhi Heng
Year: 2012
Production Company: Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited
Country: Mainland China
Director: Li Guoli
Screenwriter: Deng Liqi
Main Actors: Hu Ge, Jiang Jinfu, Liu Shi Shi, Tiffany Tang, Guli Nazha, Lin Gengxin
Related Game: Xuan Yuan Sword
Similar Series: Chinese Paladin 3, Chinese Paladin, The Holy Pearl
Release Date: 2012-07-06
Episode Number: 36
Genre: Fantasy, RPG Game
Film Locations: Hengdian, Xiangshan, Dunhuang, Xiandu, Yellow River Stone Forest, etc.



In the year 619AD, Emperor Yang of Sui succeeded in destroying the Chen and Northern Zhou Empire and became the new Emperor of China.

The only Royal descendant from the Chen Kingdom, Chen Jingchou, goes on a mission to restore his empire. His only hope is to find the five mysterious artifacts, which would give him unlimited power. But he is not the only one searching for it. Yuwen Tuo, the last prince of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, is looking for it also. To restore his empire and to save his mother, who was taken as a hostage. Yuwen Tuo was forced to join the Sui Empire and helped to destroyed the Chen Kingdom, making him Chen Jingchou’s arch enemy.

Looking for the artifacts also is Taba Yu'er, the princess of a desert tribe, she meets Chen Jingchou and they become friends. To find one of the artifacts, Yuwen Tuo rids himself of the evil spirits in him and becomes Jianchi, a goodhearted priest.

Jianchi meets up with Chen Jingchou, Yu'er and Xiao Xue, the daughter of the goddess Nüwa. Also, the keeper of the Nuwa Stone, one of the artifacts. The young countess, Dugu Ningke, Yuwen tuo’s friend, helps them out as they continue with the search. They set out all together to find the remaining artifacts. But one thing gets clear, the legend of the Red star, a star that could open the rift in the sky, becomes reality. And the only thing that will be able to mend it are the sacred artifacts. To save the world they must be able to seal the rift before the demon lord will bring the apocalypse and end the human existence.

Cast and Production Credits

The Cast

Character Actor Voice Actor
Yuwen Tuo/Jianchi 宇文拓/剑痴 Hu Ge 胡歌 Hu Ge 胡歌
Chen Jingchou 陈靖仇 Jiang Jinfu 蒋劲夫 Sun Ye 孙晔
Taba Yu'er 挞拔玉儿 Liu Shi Shi 刘诗诗 Yang Menglu 杨梦露
Dugu Ningke 独孤宁珂 Tiffany Tang 唐嫣 Gong Xiao 龚晓
Xiao Xue 小雪 Guli Nazha 古力娜扎 Chen Yiwen 陈奕雯
Zhang Lie 张烈 Lin Gengxin 林更新 Su Junjie 苏俊杰
Yang Su 杨素 Ba Sen 巴森 (Unknown)
Lv Chengzhi 吕承志 Ma Tianyu 马天宇 Wang Zi 王梓
Ruyan 如烟 Ye Qing 叶青 Zhang Anqi 张安琪
Chen Fu 陈辅 Eddie Ko 高雄 Xia Lei 夏磊
Bulu Guhong 步禄孤红 Huang Yingxuan 黄瀛漩 Li Minyan 李敏妍
Mermaid 人鱼 Lv Yi 吕一 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Immortal Guyue 古月仙人 Lawrence Ng 吴启华 Shen Lei 沈磊
Taba Yue'er 挞拔月儿 Li Chengyuan 李呈媛 Xie Chengying 谢承颖
Goddess Nuwa 女娲 Mi Xue 米雪 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Yang Guang 杨广 Zhao Yi 赵毅 Hai Fan 海帆
Granny Ma 马婆婆 Cheng Pei Pei 郑佩佩 Zhang Hui 张惠
Dan Yuwu 单羽舞 Cecilia Yip 叶童 Fan Churong 范楚绒
Immortal Ranweng 然翁仙人 Wang Chunyuan 王春元 Fu Chong 符冲
Shu Xiang 书香 Tian Diaoxia 田雕侠 Wang Yanhua 王燕华
Demon Lord 魔君 Guo Hongqing 郭宏庆 (Unknown)
Ning'er 宁儿 Wuze Jingxi 武泽锦熙 Chen Yiwen 陈奕雯

Production Credits

  • Creators: Lin Lixia, Sun Liping, Hu Ge
  • Producer: Karen Tsoi
  • Directors: Li Guoli, Liang Shengquan, Huang Junwen (main) Guo Hu, Liyi Chong, Zhou Danke (secondary)

Main Songs

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