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Profile and Information

Name: Yang Kang 杨康
Alternative Names: Wanyan Kang 完顏康
Fictive: Yes
Original Author: Jin Yong
Appearance: Legend of the Condor Heroes
Family: Yang Tiexin (Father), Bao Xiruo (Mother], Mu Nianci (Spouse),Yang Guo (Child), Wanyan Honglie (Step-Father),Guo Jing (Sworn-brother)
Era: Song Dynasty
Birthplace: Niu Family Village
Organisations: Quanzhen Sect
Teachers: Mei Chaofeng, Ouyang Feng, Qiu Chuji


Yang Kang was the sworn brother of the protagonist, Guo Jing. He was also the husband of Mu Nianci and the father of Yang Guo, the protagonist of the sequel, The Return of the Condor Heroes. Yang Kang was descended from the illustrious Yang clan, which produced heroes who fought for the Song Dynasty. Ironically, Yang Kang himself is a traitor to the Song Dynasty.

Yang Kang was born ca. 1203. He was raised by his step-father Wanyan Honglie, who had orchestrated the disappearance of Yang Tiexin, Yang Kang's biological father. Unaware of his heritage, he truly believes that he is of Jin descent and assumes the surname of Wanyan. At age 6, he is taught by Qiu Chuji the Quanzhen Martial Arts, but Yang Kang was often not interested. He even secretly learns Martial Arts from a notorious Martial Artist Mei Chaofeng. Around his 18th birthday, he is confronted with the reality that he is not a prince of the Jin empire, but a Song Chinese.

Tragically, lured by promises of wealth and luxury, Yang Kang refuses to let go of his status as a Prince of Jin and is led to committ villainous acts. He died when he tried to hit Huang Rong's breasts, while his hand suffered posionous damage. (Wuxia wiki)

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