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Profile and Information

Yuki Hsu
Yuki Hsu

Name: Xu Huaiyu
Chinese Name: 徐怀钰
English Name: Yuki Hsu
Other Name: Qing Qing
Nicknames: Nvwang (Queen), Yu Mi, Yu Linjun
Nationality: Chinese
Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan
Birthdate: March 3rd
Occupation: Actress, Singer
Graduated: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Song Classics: Stepping on the Waves, Ti Amo, Flying Apart, Regret in the Heart, Bad Girl
Height: 156cm
Blood Type: AB
Star Sign: Pisces
Loves Collecting: CDs, earrings, rings, HELLO KITTY
Hobbies: Singing, dancing


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