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Profile and Information

Zhai Wei
Zhai Wei

Name: Zhai Wei
Chinese Name: 翟巍
Current Residence: Shanghai, China
Birthdate: 1981-2
Occupation: Voice Director, Voice Actor
Representative Works: Qin's Moon, The Mischievous Princess, Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2003, The Myth
University: East China Normal University


Zhai Wei is both a voice actor and director. He was born in February in the year 1981 and graduated from East China Normal University. He entered the Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio in December, 2003.

Voiceover Roles

Ancient Chinese Series


  • Qin's Moon 秦时明月 as Ah Gang (S3), Dao Zhi (S1-4), Zhang Liang/Zifang (S3-4) (2007-2013)

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