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Welcome to Wuxia Edge

Wuxia Edge Wiki aims to provide you with accurate information about Wuxia and Ancient Chinese Series.

Right now there are 224 articles.

Wuxia Edge

About Wuxia Edge Wiki

Wuxia Edge is where you can find information about Ancient Chinese Series. You are very welcome to help contribute to this wiki by adding, editing articles and adding information where you see fit. To edit a pre-existing page, users must be registered and logged in first. However, you don't need to become a member to create new pages. However, please remember because this is a wiki, you must write informative, yet unbiased. Enjoy the Wuxia Edge Wiki and we're always looking for people who can help make this website bigger!

How you can help?

  • Help us create new pages about various Ancient Chinese Series, actors, voice actors, characters, myths, games and anything related to Ancient Chinese culture and Wuxia.
  • Help us translate song lyrics.
  • Write episode summaries or synopsis for series you've seen before.
  • Expand articles by adding additional information. Many information already exist on Baike, so we'd appreciate if anyone would like to help translate.
  • Help us edit some of the spelling and grammar errors we have on this wiki.

Things to Keep in Mind when Editing

Thank you so much for contributing, even if it's one page. I appreciate every single bit of help!

  • You can start new pages by either clicking on an orange link or search the page name, and if the page does not exist, there will be an option to create the page.
  • When starting new pages, please use the show's English name, such as Chinese Paladin rather than Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan.
  • Please keep the formatting style of this Wiki if you can, you may see the example from Hu Ge and Chinese Paladin. Simply click edit and take the code and replace it with new information.
  • When typing Chinese names with three words, please put the last two together. For example, instead of Liu Ting Yu, please spell it as Liu Tingyu.
  • Please try and keep this as original as possible rather than directly pasting entire chunks of information from other sites or wikis.

List of All Pages

A Legend of Shaolin Temple 2Ady An
Ady An & Cong Haonan - Red Dust RomanceAh Sang - Always Being Very QuietAn Analysis Of Sensible Solutions In google advertising jobs
Ancient Terminologies: I SynonymsAncient Terminologies: What People call PeopleAnson Hu - Moonlight
Anthony WongAriel LinArrows on the Bowstring
Ba SenBa YinBallad of the Desert
Bao Guo AnBlue Bird Flying Fish - Never Exchange
Blue Sky YamenBobby Dou
Bryan LeungBryan Wong
Cecilia Han
Chen DaomingChen HaoChen Hao (陈好)
Chen HongChen Jianbin
Chen ZihanCheng Pei Pei
Chinese Entertainment Shanghai LimitedChinese PaladinChinese Paladin 3
Clarifying Trouble-Free link webpage AdviceClear-Cut best social bookmarking sites Secrets ExaminedClothing the World
Concubines of the Qing EmperorCondor HeroesConsidering Clear-Cut google plus android hangout Programs
Cristy Guo
Datang Youxia Zhuan
Demi Gods and Semi Devils 2003
Demi Gods and Semi Devils 2013Deng ChaoDeng Chao - Chinese Hero
Deng ZishanDing DangDrunken Chrysanthemum
Duan Royal FamilyDuan YuEddie Peng
Elvis TsuiEsther LiuFairy2 - Snow Telling the Departure Song
Fairy of the ChaliceFan Churong
Feng JunhuaFeng Shaofeng
FinnellCoomer931Florence Tan
Fox Volant of the Snowy MountainGao HuGenghis Khan
Gillian ChungGuan Yu
Guo JunGuo Liang
Hangzhou StarQHappy Princess
He ZhuoyanHeavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2009Hong HaitianHong Yu Zhou
Hu DongHu Ge
Hu Ge - After SunriseHu Ge - Forget TimeHu Ge - June Rain
Hu Ge - MoonlightHu Ge - One Kiss Barren SkyHu Ge - Plum Blossoms in Heaven and Earth
Hu JunHuang Rong
Huang XiaomingHuang YaoshiHuang Yiqing
Immortal Sword HeroJS - Killing Broken WolvesJackie Chan
Jacqueline WuJang NaraJerry Huang
Ji GuanlinJiang Kaitong
Jiang KeJiang YiJiang Yi (蒋毅)
Jimmy LinJin FengJin Yong
Joe ChenJohn ChiangJourney to the West
Journey to the West 1986Journey to the West 2011Julian Cheung
Kang Kai
Kara Hui Ying HungKaren TsoiKary NG - Love in Every Lifetime
Ken ChangKing of Lan LingKristy Yang
Legend of Heaven and Earth - The Mermaid BeautyLegend of the Ancient Sword
Legend of the Ancient Sword - Immediate YearningLegend of the Condor HeroesLegend of the Condor Heroes 2008
Legend of the DemigodsLegend of the Military SealLegend of the Sui Tang Heroes
Legend of the White Haired Demoness 2012Li Guoli
Li LiqunLi MinyanLi Qin Qin
Li XuejianLi Ye
Li YuLiang Yusheng
Lin Jianhuan
Little Zhuge the Sleeping DragonLiu Jing
Liu KuiLiu QinLiu Shi Shi
Liu TaoLiu TingyuLiu Xiao Ling Tong
Liu YifeiLiu Zhi Qin Mo
Love of the MillenniumLu Chen
Lu YiLuo YutingLv Jiarong
Lv YiMa TianyuMain Page
Mei ChaofengMethods In google plus app - An AnalysisMichelle Saram
MonkeyNi Dahong
Ni KuangNicky WuNie Yuan
Number One in the WorldPainless Plans Of click the next website Around The USAPainless Plans Of security system company Around The USA
Peach Blossom IslandPerfect CouplePeter Ho
Phyllis QuekPower Station - Finally UnderstoodPurba Rgyal
Qin's Moon
RahalProbst851Ren QuanReturn of the Condor Heroes
Return of the Condor Heroes 2006Return of the Pearl PrincessRobin Shen
Romance of the three KingdomsRomance of the three Kingdoms 1993Root Details For security system companies - The Inside Track
RyalsBeacham943RyannBent688S.H.E - One Glance for Ten Thousand Years
Scarlet HeartSchemes of a BeautySelena Du
Seven SwordsmenSeven of the Sky
Shanghai AurogonShao Siming
Shen BaopingShen DaweiShen Lei
Shi Yanneng
Star WraithStep-By-Step Effortless Systems For sync google plus and facebook
Step-By-Step Rapid Methods For google adwords accountStrange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
Strange Tales of LiaozhaiSun Wu Kong
Sun Yanjun
Sun YeSword Stained with Royal Blood 2007Swordsman 2013
TAETANK - A Thousand Years of TearsTang Guo Qiang
The Facts On Effective Solutions Of alarm system companyThe Great Revival
The Holy PearlThe Legend of Guan GongThe Legend of Lu Xiao Feng
The Legendary Prime Minister – Zhuge LiangThe Mischievous Princess
The Myth 2010The Stories of Han DynastyThe Vigilante in the Mask
The Young WarriorsThree KingdomsTian Long Ba Bu
Tiffany TangTreasure VentureTse Kwan Ho
Unruly QiaoVicki Zhao
Wallace ChungWallace HuoWallace Huo - Carefree
Wang Luo YongWang YuankeWater Margin
Water Margin 1998Wei Zong Wan
WenonaSeeley411What's Artificial Insemination And Exactly Why Go To Spain For This Therapy?
Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West (2010)
Wu LeiWu YueWuxia
Wuxia SectsXia Lei
Xiao FengXiao Rong Sheng
Xie TiantianXuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend - Rift of the Sky
Yan Yidan - Three Inches of HeavenYang GuoYang Kang
Yang MengluYang MiYoung Sherlock
Yu RongguangYuan GuoqingYuan Hong
Yuhe WeiYuki Hsu
Zan JinshengZang Jinsheng
Zhai WeiZhang AnqiZhang Guo Li
Zhang Ji ZhongZhang Meng
Zhao Yi (1971)Zhou Yemang
Zhu Bajie Beaming with JoyZhuge LiangZhuge Liang (TV)

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